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I’ve been on a bit of a hair journey these past few years. When I was younger my hair was straight with a little bit of wave here and here. But a couple years ago I started taking some medication that had some bad side effects, one of which was that my hair thinned and fell out in handfuls. I came off the medication and my hair eventually grew back, but it most definetely is no longer straight. I thought I might be in the wavy vicinity, but I saw a curl stylist for the first time and she said I was definitely in the curly family! What do y’all think? Also, please ignore the Snapchat caption, I was excited to have hair that looked like anything other than a frizzy mess for once!

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    Pretty curls!  2B maybe?  I don't think there's really any firm dividing line between curly and wavy.  I see curls in your hair, I see waves, you might even find some straight pieces from time to time.  It's all good!

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