My roots won't curl?? Help on bringing healthy curls back

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Hello everyone! I just found out about this community and would love to get some advice from other curly people. I have recently started the Curly Girl Method. I realized my hair was not curling like it did before and it drives me crazy! When I was a kid I had beautiful ringlets, then my hair became straight and when I was around 12 years old it started to turn curly again (first picture). Now I am 18, and my curls have been turning into waves (second picture). When I realized how dry it was (i never paid attention to its care) I started searching how to take care of it and found out about sulfate free shampoo, even though I wasn't doing everything of the CGM right. I got a haircut (third picture) and kept looking into the healthy hair journey. I recently got the book, and started using sulfate paraben and silicon free products, as well as every other step the book mentions. I think conditioner was weighing my hair down, and definitely got a little better. I am scared my hair is changing its texture again like it did when I was younger, but I also think it might just be damaged from lack of care (it's never been dyed and only used heat sporadically). My ends curl, but the top of my hair loses shape and turns into a frizzy straight strand. (fourth pic was today). I am thinking of getting a haircut to shoulder length, partly because I want something different but also because I am hoping to get those curls. What do you all think? Would a haircut make my hair curlier or the other way around, maybe if my curls don't start until a certain point? And if I did, should I ask for layers? Thanks!!!

 Thank you!!


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    Welcome to CurlTalk! 

    Your hair can change from hormones, and also just from growing up and maturing.  You'll never get your baby hair back because you're not a baby anymore.  So try to make the most of the hair you have now.  It's still very pretty, and still curly!  But it looks like it might be a bit dry, especially in the mid-shaft area.  The top looks pretty and shiny, and the ends curl nicely, but the middle part looks a bit frizzy.  That's the area you touch the most - pulling your back like a ponytail, pushing it away from your face, etc. 

    Try some deep conditioners.  And use a daily conditioner too.  You can put it through the length and avoid the top if you think it weighs down your hair.
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    @candeladevesa Welcome to CurlTalk!  Your hair is very pretty. @Guide 65 gave you some great advice and you might want to check out this thread, too. Tons of great info. 

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    You are beautiful!

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