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I have a little experience with oils when it comes to my hair. I have tried to use oils regularly but really do not see the use because it weighs my hair down. I do, however use oils as a hot oil treatment or prepoo and this works fine for me but... I have issues after my wash-n-gos with itchy scalp. So... my question is - how do you type 3 gals use oils in your hair? What ways are most effective? 


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    Like you, I mostly use oils (mostly coconut oil) as a pre-poo or in my deep treatments. If my hair seems dry from dry winter air or summer sun and wind, I will put some oil on the ends. 
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    I have fine, thin 3A curls, so I have to very wary of adding any weight to my hair. It'll go limp really easily, but I do still use oils. Coconut oil doesn't work for me in any context, it's just too heavy, to the point where I have to avoid it in everything. If it's low on the list of ingredients of a rinse out product, it might be okay, but it's not working in anything I leave in. (It's really a pain since it's so popular in curly products.)

    I use olive oil as a pre poo applied the night before a wash and a few drops of argan oil rubbed between my palms prior to scrunching out the crunch to help prevent frizz. (I also use olive and argan oil mixed into lotion on my cuticles, elbows, knees and feet and argan oil to remove eye makeup.) I think as my hair gets greyer I might get more into oils since my greys are coarse, not fine, but for now I can't use them much.
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    One of my favorite ways to use oils is an oil rinse. After shampooing (low-poo, or yes, a sulfate) I'll take a few drops of oil, rub it between my palms and add it to the length of my hair, squishing it in. Distribution is 100 times easier when your hair is wet. Then, I'll add my conditioner as usual, followed by a rinse, then a bit of squishing to condish. It helps tremendously when my hair is feeling exceptionally dry, like this Winter! During the Summer, I also occasionally use a few drops of oil after a wash, as an option for a leave-in. My favorite oil is a 50-50 mix of JBCO & avacado oil, although every now & then, I also use argan oil. (I'm a 3a, fine, highly porous curly.) 
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    I use oils as a pre-poo. I'll put a blend on at night, sleep in it, then shampoo it out in the morning. 

    Here's an article the content team just posted about Macadamia oil, just fyi. 

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