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It's a mouthful, right? I tried it at my (curly trained) hairdresser's recommendation (I usually use the CC Gel). I love it for what it does BUT... I haven't seen anyone talk about this. Maybe it's me? Anyone here use it, or tried it?

When I use this product, my hair looks great. But when rinse my hair next day, it feels dry and almost squeaky. Like either I've washed it with too much shampoo, or like it's coated with something. It takes a while to rinse and never feels just right. I condition and then put a small amount of the product in my hair. Again, works fine. But next day's rinse, same problem. I find I have to shampoo a bit more often with it.

When I've used the regular CC gel this never happened, nor with any other gel-type styling product.
I find a lot of rave reviews about the product, but no one mentions this. Would love to hear from others who've used "Advanced Climate Control Featherlight" .

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    I don't think this Ouidad cream (it's a cream, yes?) is CG. It contains amodimethicone, which is a silicone. This silicone is not supposed to build up on hair (meaning it won't accumulate layer upon layer), but once deposited, it will stay on the hair until it is removed or wears off.

    Amodimethicone is the third ingredient, so there is a lot of it in there. I'm guessing this is the main ingredient that creates the "climate control" ability.

    There are also a lot of polyquats in this gel, which can be difficult to remove.
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    Thank you! That does help. I should have checked myself... though I thought amodimethicone was better than plain dimethicone. But this makes a lot of sense. I've stopped using it and have gone back to my regular Climate Control Gel... until I find something I like better. The gel does really reduce frizz.

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