WHere does one buy Pink Boots?

I think I might have posted this before, but I can't remember if I did and I can't find where I did! If this is a repeat, I sincerely apologize.
Anyhoo. Is there anywhere in the US to buy this? Or is there anywhere online to get it?
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  • heavengirl410heavengirl410 Posts: 821Registered Users
    Banjocurly sells it, sometimes you can find it on the swap board also.
  • MeyerGirlMeyerGirl Posts: 170Registered Users
    I have some jars you can PM me if you like.

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    Boots Pink Curl Creme for sale, Please PM me.
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    Banjocurl sells white boots. Maddeleine4 is the one that sells pink boots to board members. You can also get it from, but shipping will cost you more than the product unless you buy a bunch.
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