My wash and go's still don't last even with pineappling and bonnets. What can I do?

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So I am a new natural. I have been relaxed all my life, and I finally cut off all my relaxed hair a few months ago and I now have a curly bob. My curls are mainly 3b. I have a lot of hair and my strands are fine. I noticed that wash and go's look AMAZING with my hair, I literally use my cream and oil to seal, and some gel to hold for the day and I go out and stunt! However, even though I do a loose pineapple and use a satin bonnet, my hair looks like **** the next day with dents and frizz. I can't braid or do protective styles or braidouts, I'm still trying to find time to practice with my busy schedule. Twist outs flat out don't work AT all for me, my curl ends up just falling out and shrinking more and just look unflattering on me. I'm upset that my wash and go's only last 1 day. What should I do to have nice hair that lasts the week, so I can grow it long again?

Is it bad to fully soak your hair everyday if you're not actually washing it? It always looks great afterwards but I feel like every other natural keeps their hair dry and they just spritz everyday until it's time to wash again. And their hair still looks great! What should I do any tips at all would be much appreciated!

(I cowash with ASIAM and use a moisturizing deep conditioner once a week, sulfate shampoo once a month to fully clarify btw. I haven't used any protein treatments since I've been natural because I have not straightened my hair or do anything to damage it)


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    Personally, I like my wash day hair better too. Sometimes if I can tell my hair just isn't going to cooperate on day 2 or 3 (I can't go more than 3 days without washing), I will fully wet it when I shower and restyle it. Sometimes I just use a leave-in conditioner instead of adding more styling cream or gel. It seems to work for me. Until this year, I washed my hair every single day, so I'm used to air drying hair every day. I say do what works for you.
    2c, coarse, normal porosity, medium density, currently shoulder length
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    Ive tries the pineapple method and satin bonet
    but I've found that it leaves the back of my hair flat. 
    So ive bought a satin pillow case and I'm just sleeping on it with my hair. 
    Most of the time my hair looks fine the next day but if it doesn't I just wash it

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