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Sometimes I feel like I just need to be told what to do with my hair...which tells me I'm at my wit's end. I'm sitting here with my hair down, all puffy and dry and damaged and I don't know what to do.

My hair has about 4 inches of new growth and the last five inches are heat damaged in the front. The back isn't so bad. I wash my hair every Saturday afternoon/night and do it up in braid outs usually, though I have been trying twist outs. I think I've found a few products I like and it isn't the use of products I find difficult. It's what I should do during the rest of the week? I have a tendency to just pull it back and put a SLAP cap over it for the night and in the morning I just...pull it back and go to work. I don't know what to do during the week.

Any help as far as a routine to handle the rest of the week?
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    For my wavy hair, I like to section it, then apply water to dampen my hair.  Some people use a spray bottle, but I prefer just using my hands.  I've started doing the sections so I can get all of it dampened.  Then I add a tiny bit of whatever  product I used on wash day - either conditioner or gel, depending on whether my hair looks dry or just needs a curl boost.  The product is just a tiny bit, and also watered down a little.  Then I let it air dry for a bit, and finish it up with the diffuser. 

    That's for day 2.  I haven't been able to go longer than that, but if I could, I'd probably add a tiny bit of watered down conditioner on day 3, and maybe just water and no product on the other days. 
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    At about 4 inches I usually kept may hair in two strand twists. I tended to make have certain styles like twisting it forward in the front for bangs or flat twisting the sides upward for a Mohawk type style. Also many twist out styles and I would do a wash and go when I did not feel like twisting. I can say that headwraps were also my go to styling option. 
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