Pixie cut on 3B/3C curls HELP

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 I really want a pixie cut, but I am afraid of having a little fro. I am hoping a pixie cut will be less work than my 3B/3C curls. If I were to cut my hair would it look similar to the two photos I shared? Please help I have an appointment with a hair salon soon. 

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    I definitely could work, either way you have lovely hair. :) My personal thought for haircuts is always to take face shape into consideration. Not necessarily because the old idea of '''the oval face is ideal" holds true, I don't think it does. However, I know that for me for example, because I have an odd long triangle face, hair cuts higher than my ears either make my face look boyish or angular and awkward. Much though I think women with my curl pattern look amazing with such cuts I then have to consider if it's for me. Likewise, I think pixie cuts look amazing and on your hair particularly could look really eye catching in a great way, but if you take your face shape into account that may help determine what looks good. Alternatively, if it's something you think you'd feel amazing with, go for it! I think at least part of what can sell a hair cut visually is if you feel confident wearing it, so just some thoughts. :)
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    Welcome @nataalia!  Your hair is gorgeous now! Would love mine to look like that!
    Do you think your curl pattern is tighter than the example photos you showed? It looks like it to me, and I think you might indeed end up with more of a fro look. 

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    You are beautiful!
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    Yes, I think the curl pattern is tighter than the example. Yeah, that's not the look I am going for, so maybe letting my hair grow is okay. @Gretchen
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    Hi @nataalia,

    I agree your hair is gorgeous! I wouldn't change a thing. I also agree that those photos show a looser curl pattern. However, I wonder it it might be possible for you to go shorter without a fro. Perhaps an edgy look with parts of the sides shaved along with longer curls?

    On the other hand, I also *love* your hair as it is, and I wouldn't change a thing!. :)
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