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so I have type 2c hair from what it currently looks like but for 12 years, practically my whole life, I have been brushing my hair straight into a frizz ball so it didn’t look curly. So right now my hair has lost a heap of curl pattern and I’m looking to restore that. What am I to expect if I start the curly methods right now. Time for curls to heal? Greasy scalp?

To give you a current status, my hair has waves with some ringlets and I wash my hair twice a week with silicones and sulphates. So I just did my last sulphate wash yesterday to get rid of silicones. My hair was super frizzy but I’m excited for tomorrow when I start this method.

Also, has anyone ever done what I have before?


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    Hi @Erika._.Rogers

    Welcome to Good for your for embracing your natural hair texture. It sounds like you haven't done any chemical treatments to your hair? If that is the case, pretty much, if you stop brushing your hair and start using CG-Friendly products, your hair will probably start clumping stop frizzing very quickly. When I was in high school, giving up the comb was the single best thing I did for my hair. Oddly, I was still using sulfates, but no silicones, and I had great hair. 

    Learn what you can about the Curly Girl Method. You can look into the Curly Girl Handbook by Lorraine Massey. One of the cofounders of came out with a book called Curl Revolution that has the best of the best from You could also just read around - the newbie section of Curltalk is great. 
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    Thanks for that!
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    Welcome @Erika._.Rogers to CurlTalk!  We're glad you've joined us. 

    Gretchen co-founder

    You are beautiful!
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    Most of us have been in your shoes.

    What you can expect really depends on your hair.  If you are prone to an oily scalp you will probably get an oily scalp.  If you are prone to dryness probably not.

    Right now you need to pay attention to see how you hair reacts to different products (and the weather).  You may want to start a journal.

    Remember it is not just products, but technique matters too, and that includes how much product you use.  

    Everyone's hair is different and unfortunately it is not as simple as picking out a few products that will work for most people.  

    Good Luck in your journey.
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    I tried the CG method and loved it my curls were so smooth and silky. I stopped...but I still do the CG every now and then just to take a break from silicones. Hope you love the CG method good luck. 
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    Good luck!  I am just embarking on a CG journey too.  No tips as it's new for me also but looking forward to hearing about your progress!
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    How are you ladies coming along? Still doing CG method?

    Gretchen co-founder

    You are beautiful!

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