How do I retain moisture

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Thank you for adding me I've been off chemical strainingng ( keratin, Brazilian blow out...etc) for 2 years now 

I've kept trimming my hair along the way but up to 1st February I was still blow drying my hair on regular basis, the last blow dry was 1 Feb 2018.

I've also colour my hair every know and then so the last colouring was December 2017

I've been using Devacurl for a while now almost for two years

The recent trim I've done for my self on curly hair when I took out the straight ends of my hair and that defentily made my hair look healthier but it is so short I hate wearing it down and prefer to wear it in a bun.

Those are some pictures of my hair progress

What I still need to work on is moisture my hair is quiet dry also I need to find out how many times a week shall I wash it because once a week doesn't work for me my scalp gets really itchy and I have powder like dandruff.

I buy Devacurl online and have them shipped to my country because we don't really have any curly hair products where I live.

My hair I believe is a mix of 3B & 3C as you can see it is too short it cannot be put in a pineapple 

It is always challenging in the morning either too frizzy or too dry it's very hard to go natural when its this short.

I am also looking for good clipin curly extensions to add some length to my hair

Would love your feedback ♡


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    Hi @Shero

    Welcome to Good for you for embracing your natural hair texture. In order to identify what your hair needs, it might be helpful to start with identifying your hair properties, especially the hair width, porosity, and maybe density. Try the Texture Quiz: You could also try this resource (especially for porosity):

    In addition, what products are you using? It is possible that something you are using isn't compatible with your hair. Finally washing more often is fine if that is what your hair or scalp needs. 
    Low-poo: Alaffia Coffee & Shea Revitalizing Shampoo for Fine/Thin Hair (summer), Alaffia Coconut & Shea Hydrating Shampoo
    Clarify: Kinky Curly Come Clean
    Rinse-out: Alaffia Coffee & Shea Revitalizing Conditioner for Fine/Thin Hair (summer), Alaffia Everyday Coconut Ultra Hydrating Conditioner
    DT: Camille Rose Naturals Algae Renew Deep Conditioner
    Leave-in: As I Am Leave-in
    Styler: Lily of the Desert 99% Aloe Vera Gelly
    Treatment: Daily tea spray; Coconut oil overnight treatment; Citric acid rinse for hard water; 2-step Henndigo w/ amla to cover gray

    2C, fine, low porosity, low/medium density, protein sensitive

    Looking for styling products and tools

    iHerb Code KQS149 for 5% off your order
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    Hello @Shero I have 3b hair and I really struggle with the glycerin in the deva curl products because my hair is porous from damage from heat and bleach. It ends up frizzy and dry. I think bomega is right about looking into porosity and texture. Eliminating glycerin and finding the right protein changed everything for my hair. Once you’ve dialed in on what your hair needs you might be able to find local products with the right ingredients even if they aren’t meant for curlies. And you could experiment with easy recipes like flax seed gel. 

    Edited to add: I cowash every other day. Spritz with water and light conditioner every non cowash day.
    :sunny:3B- anywhere from sidewalk chalk to straw sized! High Porosity and fine, low density

    Day 1
    Shea moisture high porosity cowash
    shea moisture coconut and hibiscus curl conditioner 
    DevaCurl Frizz Free Foam

    Day 2
    spritz with oil wonders volume rose conditioner diluted with water and rescrunch
    one squirt of frizz free foam

    Deep Treatment:
    Shea Moisture High Porosity masque
    aphogee keratin and green tea protein spray

     Currently in recovery from too much bleach and chronic heat styling. 
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    Welcome @Shero!  So glad you've joined us here at CurlTalk. I know you will learn so much from our fabulous, knowledgeable members.

    Gretchen co-founder

    You are beautiful!

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