Hair type and how to get the best out of it?

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I came across this site during my regular googling on how to control my hair and finally decided to ask for some advice! My hair is quite fine with a tendency to have a couple of curls on the under layers and waves on top (probably due to straightening my fuzzies). I'm guessing it's 2b/maybe 2c at a push. The attached photos are my hair scrunched with a minimal amount of Boots curl creme (less than a pea sized amount, it's too heavy for my hair). Any advice/suggestions welcome!


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    Welcome to CurlTalk!  Have a look around, there's tons of good advice here.  Most of us follow the "Curly Girl" method.  You can get the book written by Lorraine Massey to learn about it.  You can find all the info on the internet, but I think reading the book is the best way to start. 
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    I'm new also, and wish I'd found this site YEARS ago. But I'd say 2b. There is a test that can help you.
    We have very similar hair. And I am getting my curls back after a TON of trial and error and wasted money on other people's "holy grail".

    What I know for sure: My hair curls great when I can get it properly moisturized (but not over moisturized), it dries out quick and gets build up easily. It hates keratin, silicone and shea butter. It loves hydrolized wheat and quinoa protein and small amounts of food grade aloe (not AV lotion with alcohol). Most oils are just to heavy. Giving up silicone and finding more natural products that actually work can be time consuming and expensive.. buy from somewhere you can return products that dont work for you. There can also be a confusing transitional phase as the cone build up starts breaking apart from your hair (your hair may feel dry from your new product or from the cones coming off 🤔)

    I will tell you that EO poo and condish seems to be working for me (this week) I'm loving the results right now (so far so good 🤞) And I purchased at TJMAXX so I was able to try at a lower cost (yay) 

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