How to Avoid Wet Hair in The Winter

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Hi All

  Been doing the curly hair method for about 12 years now.  I started experimenting in 2006 and have been ever since.  In 2007 I moved to Florida and the weather down there really forced me to learn to try and work with my curls.  Now I've relocated to NJ and the winter and my commute are giving me a hard time with my curly hair.  I have to take public transportation so I have to stand outside to wait for a bus.  My commute is long so I have to wait outside early in the morning at 6:50am.  With the wait outside and the cold weather wet hair is very uncomfortable for me.  Diffusing makes my hair frizzy and big, it also takes me about an hour to dry my hair which I don't have in the morning.  I've tried pine-appleing the night before and my hair comes out big and puffy.  If I wash my hair the night before I wake up with it wet and uneven and smooshed and undefined.  If I put no product in it, it comes out very puffy and frizzy.  Are there any blow dryers that diffuse quickly without making your hair big and poufy?  Any tips for how to have curly hair in the wintertime?  Lately I've been washing my hair on Sunday and letting it air dry inside.  Then come Monday it's dry but second day hair doesn't work for me so I've been tying it in a low bun for the rest of the week until the following Sunday(looks awful) when I can wash it again because it looks terrible down unless I wet all my hair.  I don't like the way it looks but I'm out of ideas.   

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    Welcome back to NJ.

    For the winter I liked to shove all my hair in a beret.  It keeps the hair from moving around and being blown by the wind.  You can line one with a silk scarf to prevent the wool from roughing up your hair.  You can even have some hair clipped up under the hat and take it out when you get to work.  (I don't miss the mass transit commute).

    Instead of a pineapple you may be better off with a satin bonnet.  I think you can get them at Sally & Walmart.  If the bonnet works, then you may be able to refresh before bed and have good hair in the morning.

    There are lots of half up dos online, that may be one way to go.  Have you experimented with clips and or headbands?   You may want to experiment with flexirods or other curlers at night.  How long is your hair?
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    What I do is twist my hair with gel and hair lotion after I wash it and then take them out in the morning for flawless curls. Then put ur hair in a pineapple pony with a satin bonnet covering it for bed. When you take your hair out in the morning, just shake it out and you’ll be good for second day hair. Do the satin bonnet and pineapple again for bed. The third day, I do a half up half down style. The forth day I do and up do. Works every time. 

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