Growing out type 3b?

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    Welcome to CurlTalk!  A lot of people find their hair goes a little curlier as it gets healthier.  Going up one level is pretty common.  I thought I was a 2A when I started, but now (on a good day) it might be as curly as a 3A.  But this winter it's usually more of a 2B/2C.  I think my hair doesn't like winter LOL.

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    Hey, I just wanted to pipe up and attempt to help since I have a mix of 3A and 3B curls with low porosity. My hair typically is curlier the healthier it is, however it is possible to get nearly the same curl out of my hair when damaged. Bleached it was type 2C/3A, healthy it is 3A/3B. I find for me mousse does not work, with low porosity it just sits on my hair and looks oily no matter how much scrunching I do. I find that leaving in my DevaCurl One Conditioner and using a good curl cream helps much more than mousse does. I just got the DevaCurl Arc Angel gel today and will be testing it tonight as well. I usually scrunch and plop my hair to dry it. My hair definitely is more separate at the top and clumps with ringlets at the bottom, I have been trying to figure out how to get more curls from the top, hair clips before plopping seems to help a lot. I also find with shorter curls sleeping in a hair buff is a total life saver.
    As for curl shaming I would say stick to your guns. I have had people call me names, laugh at my hair, and even have been told that I should stop curling my hair as I am white and for me to have curls is cultural appropriation. In some cases I will politely explain and educate the person if it seems they are just trying to stand up and protect others. I cannot fault them for trying to stand up for people regardless of if they are right or wrong. I have had people tell me my scalp must be horrible since I have curly hair, it isn't true. I have had people try to corner me into busing sulfate based products since my hair obviously just needs a strong wash to look good and straighter and they couldn't be more wrong. So many curl shaming comments are based purely on ignorance, I try to look at them as the person trying to help even if they couldn't be any more wrong about curls in general. I just try to educate people if they seem ignorant about curls, and if they don't listen walk it off and laugh. It still hurts, but if I can remind myself to walk with confidence even when my hair decides it wants to poof up or stick out on weird angles people notice. Some of my best compliments on my hair are from days where I couldn't tame it, ran out of time, and had to go to class with wild hair silently cringing at how it looked.
    The only thing I do not like is when people ask if my hair is real and touch it. My hair doesn't like being roughed around with and as a result when strangers walk up and touch it I usually end up with frizz and a breach of personal space.


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    I do not know what my hair type is can anyone help me is my hair in the 3s or 4s 
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    what is my hair type
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    @ZaniyaMitchell from what I can  see of your profile picture  I would say maybe Type 4

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