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So obviously I've heard great things. :) In terms of a salon, I'm in the UK, but I was curious about thoughts first. I know it works by repairing damaged sulphide bonds. I have never bleached or coloured my hair other than henna about two years ago. I haven't used heat in god knows how long, other than last November using the provided hair dryer in a hotel room over the shirt I was using to plop. My only thought is that for a long while as my hair was growing in I would use just shampoo or often cheap soap on my hair and especially the latter seems to have caused some thinning although I have now been caring properly for my hair for the last year and a bit. The only other thing is brushing with a boar bristle brush and paddle brush for vintage styles, but my hair is always detangled first and if anything it seems to be moisturising my hair as I'm getting product build-up from my usual amount of leave in. On that note, how water soluble is Aunt Jackie's flaxseed gel? It may be my shampoo was too weak before but when I used gel and then the shampoo next wash I got awful product build-up but then my hair is low porosity. Thanks. :)

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    I can't answer the question about the Aunt Jackie's gel, but it is always good to have a clarifying conditioner in your arsenal.  There are quite a few that do not have the harsh SLS & ALS ingredients.  The clarifying shampoo will remove possible build up. 
    2b, 2c,
    High Porosity - Very Fine Hair

    Low Poo: Living Proof Restore Shampoo
    Rinse Out: Living Proof Restore Conditioner
    Leave In: Living Proof Curl Leave-In or Garnier 1 Minute Mask - Papaya
    Treatments: Restore Repair Leave-In, 
    Styling: Living Proof In-Shower Styler with Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Gel Stronger Hold


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    Thanks that helps. :)

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