Growing out an undercut :)

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Hey! I'm a somewhat new CG and while transitioning over I've also been growing out a shaved undercut. I was curious if anyone has suggestions to not only helping grow the shorter hair but any products that they use to curl super short hair, the products I use on my long hair just seem to clump all the curls together and flatten them to the back of my head.

I'm between a 2C-3B hair. Any suggestions would be great!


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    Giiiiirl, I've been living that life for a year now. Where is your undercut? Mine was on the nape of my neck, shaved to about mid-ear. The good thing for mine was I could hide the awkward growth. I had hair down to my hips until about 6 months ago. The last time I cut the undercut was last January. I decided to grow it out because I was tired of the upkeep (although I miss having it). After I started to get some growth, it drove me crazy that the rest of my hair was so long. <Side note: I was also growing out bangs at the same time.> I decided to chop my hair off to above shoulder length to try to make the "undergrowth" process more pleasant.

    I don't really have any tips because I only started learning about curly hair stuff in the last 4 months or so. My biggest tip is patience. I also learned some new ways to wear my hair so that the awkward length of my undercut didn't show. I wore a lot of headbands last summer to keep the undercut put away while the rest of my hair was in a ponytail. I spent tons of time on Youtube to find hairstyles that were fun while I waited for everything to be longer.

    Ultimately, cutting my long hair short was what saved my sanity. I hate my short hair, but now I'm growing all of it instead of just pieces.

    Stay strong, and good luck!
    2c, coarse, normal porosity, medium density, currently shoulder length
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    @justkaty5 Mine is in the same spot! A little smaller area as its not quite to my ears. Its growing at a pretty steady rate but its still only a couple inches long and I am not nearly ready to chop all my hair to that length. Headbands are a good idea! Maybe I’ll try with tiny silk headscarves as my hair gets pretty grumpy rubbing up against any material that isn’t silk. We shall see! Thanks for your response.

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