I'm 1/4 black and I need hair help!

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My dad is half Black half Mexican and my mom is half Italian and half Native American, I look white and my hair is kind of difficult to deal with. I need advice on how to get my hair to curl. Without styling it kind of looks like a frizzy semi wavy mess. I'm 17 and I've been dying and straightening my hair for the past 8 years. (I didn't know my dad back then so I didn't know I had to be careful with my hair). Please help me, I want to have beautiful kinky curls like I did when I was little.

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    At first, put down your hair straightener and other heat tools and if you need to dye your hair, use henna/indigo. Search for products without sillicones and sulfates, as they might be damaging to hair. Deep condition every week or two, try massaging your scalp with oils before washing, get satin pillowcase to sleep on, moisturize your hair whenever needed, trim damaged ends and most importantly – have patience! I know it's frustrating, but it takes time for hair to recover. Wish you best of luck :smile:


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    Curls, no matter the type, are always more delicate than straight hair. (Plus, you can use products and techniques to make straight hair look okay even when it's damaged, but curls will show their damage just by refusing to curl right.)

    You may have to grow out the damaged hair, but you need to start treating it right today. Here's some basics (note: always start a Curly Girl routine by washing with a sulfate-containing but silicone-free shampoo.)

    Going no poo

    Building a routine

    Some product recommendations to get you started (Your hair is highly porous right now due to damage.)


    Styling techniques

    A lot of it is just trial and error and patience. You will try stuff that will not work, I promise you that. There will bad hair days. You will have one great day, then not see a single curl you like for so long, you consider shaving your head, and then, you change one thing and there's your routine that works.

    Read here. I spent weeks reading these forums when I started several years ago. Ask questions, ask for support, complain. We get it. We went through it, we know where you're at. We also know where you're going and being in a place where the hair that grows out of your head is something you love instead of fight is pretty awesome.

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    Welcome @Valentine42 and thanks @Rimonsiley and @curlyamaryllis for your fantastic answers!

    NaturallyCurly.com co-founder

    You are beautiful!

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