One-off sulfate shampoo?

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I've been sulfate free for about 7 months and really like how it's going so far. However, I recently used a conditioner with polyquaternium something-or-other which I think is weighing my wavy curls down and I'm not sure my sulfate-free shampoo has quite got rid of it. Can you sulfate-shampoo once as a complete one-off or would that undo the last 7 months' progress? I don't want to start from square one again! Thanks!

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    If you are dealing with polyquat build-up you may have some challenge removing it. Sulfate will not remove it but shampoo with C14-16 olefin sulfonate or Sodium polystyrene sulfonate might remove it (depending on which quat) but maybe not on just one wash. (Kinky Curly Come Clean and Pure and Basic Clarifying Citrus Shampoo are good choices). Here are a few articles on the Sciency Hair blog about this:

    Article about Polyquat buildup:
    How to remove product buildup (scroll down for the section on quats):
    Her experience with polyquat buildup:

    Notice that many ingredients that are considered beneficial for conditioning curly hair also have the potential for buildup, like BTMS/BTC as well as emollients. While emollient buildup can be removed with gentler cleansers like clay, or a harsh but readily available sulfate, the cationic conditioners need one of those clarifying ingredients (not just a regular old harsh sulfate). Many curlies have a clarifying+DT schedule of somewhere between 1x/week to 1x/month to deal with this.
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    I’m not 100% sure... but! If you look at it theoretically, sulphates are not what build and and silicones are. So I would say if you were to just use sulphates once, it will have no harm other than stripping all the dirt off your hair.p if you continue with your normal regime after :-) hope this helped.

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