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Please help - ? from a long-time lurker, first-time poster

I've lurked on nc.com for at least 6 years...left for a while, but I have been driven back recently by my 3b's uncooperative ways...

A little recent background...my hair is BSL and the ends are usually nice, ringlet-y, and clumpy. However the top layer of my hair has become very dry, frizzy, and looks more reminiscent of Bon Jovi in the early 90's than I'd like to admit. I've used various shampoos & cond over the years, but one thing I have done consistently for at least 5 years is add SAO to my hair after detangling, and use RUSK wired on the ends. The past year or so I've added TIGI curls rock amplifier, which really seemed to work great at first for that frizzy top layer, but now - not so much.

I read the CG book for the first time two weeks ago - ironically I had just used a suave clarifying poo and mixed some Nexxus Keraphix with Burt's avocado butter, and it was sitting on my hair as a leave in. After reading the book, I waited until the next day to rinse it out (no poo, no more cond. - just a rinse). Hair was soft, but somewhat poofy (too soft?). I haven't used poo since, and that was ten days ago. The top layer of my my hair is seeming to get drier and drier (and frizzier!). I've rinsed with conditioner (twice with VO5 kiwi+Keraphix, once with philosophy amazing grace) but not really co-washed at all.

Here is my question (and if you've made it this far, I appreciate it!) - I can't decide if the dullness/frizziness on my top layer is buildup or total lack of moisture. I've read alot of posts about clarifying rinses, should I have done that after the DT? Or am I just using the wrong conditioners? I'm terrified to clarify my hair if what it needs is more moisture.

Thanks for reading - a novel, I know. :oops: I just need some good advice, and I don't know who else to ask!
"Things are exactly as they should be, all evidence to the contrary."

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  • Ab-starAb-star Posts: 1,128Registered Users
    First, welcome!! :D

    Sorry to answer you back with a question but can you tell my why you use Rusk Wired on the ends of your hair? Someone recently gave me a full bottle and I have no clue what to do with it!

    As far as your hair, it sounds like you might be overconditioned...but I'm no expert on other people's hair...or my own for that matter!
    pw - jack

    Going natural for the summer...just a dab of ArcAngell!
  • curlyninercurlyniner Posts: 130Registered Users
    thanks for the suggestion. It's hard to imagine my hair being overconditioned, since it looks so dry. If that is the case, would a clarifying rinse (lemon aid or ACV) put me back in order?

    I have no idea where the addiction to wired started...I just know that nothing else I try gives me clumpy ringlets at the ends. And oddly enough it doesn't do that well in the rest of my hair - just the ends. (weird, I know - and after reading up on no-poo'ing and 'cones and whatnot, I'm sure it's probably a no-no since one of the first ingredients is wax. But where I use it isn't where I'm having the problem, so who knows.... :? )
    "Things are exactly as they should be, all evidence to the contrary."

    password = niner

  • KaiaKaia Posts: 8,815Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    Well, your top layer is what gets the most exposure, and therefore the most damage. Do you rinse your hair with hot water in the shower? If so, you could be "cooking" all the moisture out of that section of hair with the heat. Also, do you often sleep or lean back on the frizzy parts? Any type of friction can rough up the cuticle, making it dry and frizzy. I would moisturize as much as possible, while avoiding cones and other build-up causing ingredients.

    Also, you mentioned Burt;s Bees avocado treatment... did the dryness start after using it or before? I can't use that stuff because I have a heck of a time getting it out of my hair. If the problem started after using it, I would suspect that it might have built up. Try a baking soda scrub or a lemon-aid (conditioner and lemon juice), and scrub really well. Hope you get it figured out soon!

    ETA: My brain is about to explode trying to figure out what SAO stands for. I'm sure I'm just being stupid, but please spare me. :lol:
    *Poster formerly known as Bailey422*

    Here's all you have to know about men and women: women are crazy, men are stupid. And the main reason women are crazy is that men are stupid. ~ George Carlin
  • curlyninercurlyniner Posts: 130Registered Users
    I have started (as of a week and a half ago, anyhoo) rinsing with cool water. As with everything else, it was great at first but my hair still seems drier after 10 days of no washing.

    My hair has gotten drier and drier (gradually) over the past 6 months - I think I'm attributing it to a serious 'cone increase at the end of last summer (curls rock + biosilk silk therapy). Right after the Burt's, my hair was very soft, but within a week it is drier than it was before using it. So maybe the oils from the DT were masking the inherent dryness problem? And SAO = sweet almond oil (I stocked up from garden botanika before they closed their stores - you used to be able to add custom essential oils to scent it however you wanted. Love it!)

    Also probably a no-no, but I sleep with a hair pineapple (ponytail smack on top of my head). My hair would be a matted mess if I didn't do this. But I've done it for at least ten years - so even though I know it's probably not the best thing for my hair, it's hard to think it's causing the major change in the past few months. (and especially the last week)

    I'm so jealous of people complaining of *greasy* hair after starting the CG routine...a girl can hope.... :wink:
    "Things are exactly as they should be, all evidence to the contrary."

    password = niner


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