Different hair textures

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Not sure what’s wrong with my hair. My roots are very kinky and fuzzy and type 4a-4b, however my hair stands are 3c. I don’t chemically treat my hair or use heat in my. I balance the protein and moisturizer treatment I use. I wash my hair once a week and try to deep condition once a week. My hair is worn in a twist out for about a week, and I was a leave in conditioner, moisturizing product and gel when I comb my hair. Not sure why my roots are a completely different texture.


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    I have always thought it's normal to have different types of curls/coils in your hair, though it's usually the other way – less curly at the roots.
    Maybe it's because you changed the way you care about your hair and now the "real" pattern starts to grow out, while the ends are still affected by the old routine. You can also try to stop combing your hair after you wash them to promote better definition. Other thing I can think of is that your strands might suffer from build up / too much product, which weights them down. Maybe the deep conditioning every week is too much for you? Do you focus on your roots as well while you apply the leave-in and gel?
    Best of luck :smile:

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