How should I possibly start this hair routine

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Hey guys, 
I'm a 3B curly girl and I want to take care of my hair. So I did some research and I found out that there are a lot of different things you have to do!!!! I have no idea how to start and which steps I have to take first and what is good for your hair. Oh, and there are tons and tons of different hair products and I have no idea which are good for my hair and do the best work. So what I would like to know is how do you guys do your hair routine, like what sort of steps do you take and which products you use. Also I would like to know how you keep your curls so beautiful on day two and three. I really hope you guys can help me. Thanks a lot.

Lots of love, 

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    Hi, I started this journey by watching YouTube's with similar hair types. For 3b, check out Dana Marie. Definitely start by following the curly girl method by Lorraine Massey. The basics are no sulfate, silicone, or drying alcohols. The name of the game is  moisture, so that is your top priority. I'm sure others will point to a beginners thread in a bit which will help you as well.
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    Yeah, I learned a lot on the Newbie section here at curltalk and also reading articles around When I was starting out I also visited a lot of the blogs recommended in the newbie section and I really liked Rockyn Curls' blog. Since then I have learned a lot from the Sciency Hair Blog, which I love:

    A lot of people learned a lot from Lorrainne Massey's book. Michele Breyer, a co-founder of also just came out with a book: Curl Revolution, which I think is a good read. :)
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    One more thing: maybe start by identifying your other hair properties (hair width, porosity, density). These will go a long way to identifying what types of hair products and techniques will work for your hair.
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    Naturally Curly definitely saved my hair. I learned everything I know about my hair here. It can be overwhelming. If you haven't, you should start by following the Curly Girl method. Use a sulfate shampoo one last time (or use a clarifying treatment, such as DevaCurl Buildup Buster). Then begin using a cowash or a sulfate free shampoo. Use silicone free conditioners. For styling, personally I get away with only using the DevaCurl Arcangel Gel, but maybe for 3B you could use a leave-in as well. 

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