Newbie here, is my hair 2b, 2c, or 3a? And am I using the wrong products?

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Hi, so my hair in my profile pic was from about 2 weeks ago. I think my products at the time were just a silicone free leave in conditioner (eden coconut and shea leave in), which I only used because it was my only sulfate/silicone free product at the time, and an alcohol-containing mousse which I scrunched in. Then I plopped all afternoon and overnight and woke up with my hair still slightly damp. I now have a sulfate free shampoo (sheamoisture jamaican black castor oil strengthen and repair) and sheamoiture's curling gel souffle (which I'm considering returning.) I think my hair is low to medium porosity, definitely medium to high thickness and diameter, and idk if it's 2b, 2c, or 3a. My hair takes over 8 hours to air dry, so I usually blow dry with a hair strainer for 30 minutes after I shower. (I'm going to buy a diffuser tip.) I find that my hair gets really gunky when it dries, and my second day hair is almost like a 2a. So, basically, what is my hair type, are the products I'm currently using good for my hair type, and what new products shouls I buy? 

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    So you mentioned your hair is gunky when dry, is it possible that it's the Shea moisture souffle? You have to use an absurdly small amount of that product or it will leave your hair kind of sticky.
    Your hair looks 2b, 2c from the picture. If you feel you have low porosity hair, look for light weight products. Low porosity tends to like being clean and is prone to build up. Don't be afraid to use an occasional sulfate shampoo to remove buildup if needed. Besides the gunkiness and how long it takes to dry, what are your concerns about your hair? If your hair frizzess, it very well  may need more moisturizing products. Best of luck!
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    Hi @katherineviolinist,

    Welcome to I agree that your hair looks like its 2b. With your low porosity, medium/coarse thickness, I would steer clear of the SM JBCO. Its pretty heavy duty, and also it has protein pretty high on the list. I would return that, and perhaps consider picking up the SM Coconut Hibiscus Shampoo, Conditioner, (and maybe the Style Milk). These seem to work with a wide variety hair types, possibly because they contain silk protein, which work for a lot of different hair types for different reasons. (Once upon a time before my hair became protein sensitive, my hair *loved* these.) If you still have time on the return policy for the SM Gel Souffle, I would hang on to it a little longer to see if changing shampoo helps your cause. Then again, I actually think your hair looks good in that picture, so maybe just change the Shampoo/Conditioner and keep using that Eden Leave-in + mousse for stylers.
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    Try not to wash your hair everyday and see if it might help with the oily scalp. Start with every other day and see how you do after a month. Feel free to use dry shampoo for second day hair if needed but attempt not to. Also get a few hair styles down for days that your hair just will not cooperate. I hope this helps, but alas, everyone is different so feel free to "go against the grain" if needed.
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    Based on your description we’re hair twins!!! I can only speak from my own experiences. For my low porosity hair, I wash every other day/every 3 days. My scalp gets itchy and has gunk so I wash often. I prefer sulfate free shampoos to cowashes. If your scalp is oily now, wait it out. If you’re beginning to use sulfate free shampoos, it’ll take your scalp time to readjust since it’s so used to overproducing oil because of drying sulfate shampoos. I would recommend throwing the souflee away. From SheaMoisture it could be worth trying the Cupacu Gel Cream. If you don’t mind spending, I swear by the DevaCurl gels, but make sure your hair is absolutely SOAKED! I use it immediately after I shower. Best of luck! 
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    Yeah, I think it might be the gel soufflee, and I'm going to return it this week. It doesn't usually friz too bad unless I brush it or sleep with it unprotected, so I don't think my problem is moisture. My main problem with it is the oiliness of my scalp and the wave falling out. I'm not sure if I should use my shea moisture shampoo everyday to combat it or just wait it out and hope my scalp i guess balances itself out? @BrittanyM
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    Hi @katherineviolinist!  Welcome to CurlTalk!  We're so glad you've joined us.

    Gretchen co-founder

    You are beautiful!
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    Thank you, everyone for the warm welcome!
    @BrittanyM Thanks I appreciate the advice. Yeah my second day hair I usually smother in dry shampoo and brush (I know it's bad) and I definitely need more go to styles that DON'T break my hair.
    @bomega I'm actually going to the store to get the conditioner today, but I will, per your recommendation, get their shampoo too. 
    @paolarodriguez That's so cool that we're hair twins. Well, let me know what works for you, and I'll let you know what works for me. I think I'm going to change my shampoo and conditioner and give the soufflee one more shot, but if that doesn't work, I'm glad I now have some good gels to look for. 
    @Gretchen Thank you!

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