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Hi all, I'm a 22 year old male looking for advice on growing his hair out long ( and hopefully curly).

I have been lurking around the forums for about 2 days now trying to find some information on my hair but it has been some what difficult. Some things I managed to pick up from the quiz that I seen on the site is that I have low porosity hair and it is 4a/4b????? The type is really something I am unsure about maybe I can be given advice based off the pictures I posted.

For me the difficulty going through the forums and some videos on YouTube has been that people are constantly contradicting one another. Second is that for a male it has been really hard to find other men to see what they do and how the manage their hair, or if that even matters and my hair can be taken care of the same way a female with 4a/4b???? type hair can. 

My hair in the picture is just from wetting my hair and adding some Carol's Daughter hair milk as I move my fingers in a circle motion for a bit, I should note that the picture was taken later in the day and I wet and added moisturizer in the morning so my hair was completely dry in the picture. My hair is kinda curly but it is really frizzy and seems hard for me to get it really moisturized, kinda just feels greasy when I put too much product. What I have been doing is shampooing my hair once a week, using conditioner about the same amount maybe 2 times a week and then applying the Carol's Daughter hair milk daily. I know this if probably not good/right but that is why I am here. 

In short I really need advice on my hair type and products/ methods I should use for my hair type. Also another question I had was that all these methods seemed pretty based towards woman (understandably) who have decently long hair, I'm going to get a cut and then start growing my hair out and was wonder from really short hair should I just add moisturizer and keep it pushing. Do I even need to start with a really short cut?

Edit: Wanted to quickly add that I have never grown my hair out long except for when i was really young (about 10) and even then my mom always just picked my hair out into an afro and sprayed it and added a bunch of products to it so I don't know how my hair would act longer. My hair in the pictures is about the longest I let it grow before I cut it.

I know it is a ton of questions kinda jumbled in there but I am pretty confused here, thanks in advance for any help you can provide  :)


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    We have different hair types (I'm much closer to wavy at 2c/3a), but from the research I've been doing for myself on how to start a curly routine, you should start by stop using shampoo and include a co-wash (cleansing conditioner) in your wash instead (or at the very least make sure everything you use is paraben, sulfate, and silicone free). I've also learned it's important to start using deep conditioners to keep your hair moisturized and find a way to work in Jamaican Castor Oil. This stuff makes hair grow super quickly; I have a few lovely ladies in my family that struggle with hair thinning and castor oil has saved their hair. Since your hair is low porosity, make sure you have time and patience to rinse it out because like me you have low porosity hair and it will not easily soak in product. I'd look into the different ways people with low porosity have used Jamaican Castor Oil on their hair, but hope this helps point you in the right direction!
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    Hi @King Dee, Welcome to Good for you for taking an interest in caring for your hair. It can be challenging to figure out how to care for your hair. To answer some of your questions:

    Part of the reason for the contradictions is there really isn't a one-size-fits-all solution, even with people who have similar hair. So the best you can do is start with your hair properties and use that for "clues" as to what might work best for your hair. The care of your hair is largely determined by these properties regardless of gender. The differences might come in when it comes to styling.

    You said you are low porosity, but can you also determine/estimate your hair width (fine/medium/coarse). I think that quiz had some guidelines for doing that. Heck out this articles on the Sciency Hair Blog about moisturizing low porosity hair: I would also guess your curl type around 4a/4b, but I wouldn't worry too much about that right now because the other properties will really determine how you care for your hair, and also your curl pattern can change as your hair length changes.

    Your routine isn't necessarily bad. The Carol's Daughter is a pretty good choice for leave-in, but take a good look at your shampoo and conditioner and make sure there aren't ingredients working against you. A cornerstone of the Curly Girl Method (we can call it Curly Guy for you ;)) is to avoid sulfates and silicones which can be drying to the hair. To be sure, not everyone avoids them, but since you are experiencing dryness, it might be good to avoid them for now. To identify silicones, check out this article: Also, think about avoiding petroleum byproducts (mineral oil, petrolatum, etc)

    Finally, you dont really need to cut your hair to grow it out. People who have damage sometimes do a big chop, but sometimes, they manage to grow without it, even with considerable length.

    So, there is a bit of a jumble to answer some of your questions But I hope that helps.
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    Thanks @bomega and @FrizzlyBear I appreciate the help and will look into the advice given :)

    If anyone else has info to add I would greatly appreciate it.
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    It looks like you have 3C hair, which will give you curls when you grow it out. But if you pick it out like your moms did, it will indeed turn into an afro :)
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    Welcome to NC! Your hair looks like it's probably 3c-4a. Good luck growing it out!
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