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I am 45 and would like to see more mature women spotlighted on the naturally curly site and Instagram. As a mature natural my hair needs are different from someone under 30. The movement and the naturally curly site seem to only spotlight young women. I have noticed most of the editors and staff are under 40. These ladies do a great job with content but as a mature natural we need more content geared toward women over 40, such has how to deal with pre or post menstrual hormones that change hair. As we age many of us have issues with thinning and slow hair growth that someone under 40 just can’t understand. Please spotlight and hire more mature women because we feel left out of most of your content.


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    You are right it would be nice to see more mature curlies. 

    There is an over 40 thread that may interest you.  
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    Yes, there's lots of fun topics in the Over 40 and Going Gray forums here! 
    And there is a section on the main Naturally Curly site aimed at mature women.
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    thanks jeepcurlygurl
    I will check out

    I just want to see more of us 40 and over on the actually site and Instagram photos. They should hire at least one over 40 social media editors to post on IG and do actual stories on the site.

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    Welcome, @Rozdatx ! Glad to have you here!

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    You are beautiful!
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    I`m glad that more mature women are starting to be recognized on I also found that we are way underrepresented on social media. In fact, I went looking for women our age on YouTube when I was struggling with my curly hair and couldn't find any. So, I decided to create my own. Curly Hair Rescue: Lessons from a Baby Boomer Aging and Curly Hair: Lessons from a Baby Boomer I would appreciate any feedback!
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