When to switch products?

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Since finding the right mix of products is trial and error and the key to gorgeous hair, how do i know when to switch?  Do i keep using the same products for a few weeks then switch, a few days, or one and done?  

I just started CG saturday using all Devacurl products, and have washed my hair once since then.  Both times it feels rough and i have frizz on top of my head..actually all over it kinda looks like a little frizzy coating on my hair (if that makes sense).  My waves seemed defined, maybe to much, i feel like they're kinda piecey and it moves but not all flowy and together like the you tubers i've watched and it doesn't look like pics i've seen.  I know it's a long process, when should i start to see a difference?  I get highlights every 8 weeks, so i'm sure it's damaged.  

My hair is 2b, high porosity, thick density, and coarse (i think, i feel like it was a little of the medium and coarse), and just below my shoulders.  Saturday i used low-poo, deep sea repair mask, wavemaker, and the ultra gel, all applied in soaking wet hair.  Last night i used low-poo, one condition original, and wavemaker, no gel this time because i didn't know if that was what was making my hair feel rough.  My hair feels the same and the only difference between the gel/no gel is that it was more curly as opposed to wavy with the gel.  I also did the squish to condish method last night, but don't know if it helped or not.  

HELP! Any advice or thoughts would be greatly appreciated!! 


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    In my experience, if something works, it just works. I no longer waste my time on products that make my hair feel...well, just wrong! I've learned that just because numerous curlies are raving about a product, it does not necessarily mean that my hair is going to like it. Curly hair is VERY individualized! If a product doesn't feel right in your hair, chances are it never will. Granted, technique does help. But if your hair just feels wrong to you, believe it!

    What's helped me more than anything to find products is searching this forum for others who have hair similar to mine. That is, its properties. Fine? Coarse? Low density? High? Porous? Low Porosity? You get the idea. Most all of the forum "regulars" will post in their signatures their hairs' properties. Categories are also listed in this forum. Reading back through postings that pertain to your hair type helps tremendously.

    I'm also a big reader of product reviews. I will search relentlessly through Curl Mart, Amazon, You Tube, etc, to find products that my hair might like.

    Also, welcome to the forum! We're a friendly bunch and will honestly do everything we can to help you.
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    Thanks!  I need to remember to remember my hair traits, and do what you said.  

    It makes me wonder if it's the wavemaker and not the gel, that's giving me the problem.  Can you use just gel after conditioning or do you need something in between?  

    I think i'll look into some of the less expensive options, this seems like it could get expensive lol i did just assume because stuff is raved about it would make my hair feel wicked soft and awesome.

    So confusing and so many techniques...i'm glad i found this forum!! 
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    It is confusing and there is a lot of experiment.  In addition to your hair properties you have to pay attention to the weather, and your water. (We all understand the struggle)

    If you live in a hard water area (see this post:  http://science-yhairblog.blogspot.com/search?q=hard+water) you may need to use a shampoo to help you get rid of the mineral buildup.

    I think that once you understand you hair and get a routine it will be easier.  And you will end up with a mental checklist for fixing your hair when it goes off the rails.
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    I would take out the Wavemaker and see if your hair improves. It would be helpful if you could pinpoint a particular product that is causing the problem. Wavemaker made my hair feel frizzy, dry, and sticky. I did not like it.
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    That's how my hair feels, i just couldn't figure out the best way to describe it lol 
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    I agree with the others, if it isn’t working, switch it up.  But even if you don’t like something, still keep it!  You never know...it might be the perfect thing for summertime, or it might work better in combination with something else, or with a different application technique.  I ended up throwing a lot of stuff away in the beginning, and then repurchasing it later.  

    I also agree with eliminating the Wavemaker.  It just doesn’t work for me.  Keep it simple to start with - cleanse, condition, leave in, and gel.  Once you get the hang of that, then you can start combining products.
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    I try products a number of times, in a number of combinations, in a number of different amounts/techniques, and then in different weather. Some things work really well only in small quantities (Curl Junkie Spiral Lotion), some work really well only in large quantities (Devacurl Ultra Defining Gel). Some things work for me only when it's sufficiently humid (Devacurl B'Leave-in), or only when it's super humid (Ouidad Advanced Heat & Humidity Gel).

    The first time I tried Spiral Lotion, for example, I used a lot and ended up with greasy, limp, yucky hair. A tiny amount, however, gives me bouncy, happy winter curls. I've tried using the Heat & Humidity Gel when it's not super humid and it makes my hair stringy and weird. B'Leave-in in normal humidity is my Holy Grail for added volume and tighter curls. As soon as I open one, I buy another because I can't bear the thought of going without. But if it's under a certain humidity, using B'Leave-in means crunchy, frizzy curls.

    Some things don't work well with some other things, as well. Usually, if two products don't play well together, you get flaking to let you know, but sometimes it does cause frizz or icky feeling hair. 

    So, my advice is a few things- try again, in different weather, in a different amount or using a new technique. Don't throw it away. If your hair is damaged, it might work fine if you grow out the damage. When my hair was bleached, I couldn't use products with glycerin in them. Now that all the damage is grown out and cut off, I love what glycerin does for my curls.

    Keep track of what doesn't work. It could be one ingredient, like glycerin was for me. You don't want to keep buying the same basic product in different packaging again and again, so look at what is in the products you don't like and search for new products with different ingredient profiles.
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    Thanks!!! I will start to keep notes, and def won't throw anything away.  

    This is going to be trickier than i thought and yesterday i was like...it's just easier to be straight...but then thought no it's only been a week, keep at it and it will be worth it!
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    Thanks!!! I will start to keep notes, and def won't throw anything away.  

    This is going to be trickier than i thought and yesterday i was like...it's just easier to be straight...but then thought no it's only been a week, keep at it and it will be worth it!

    You can do it! I've started keeping lists in a note-taking app. I have a list of current products I'm using. I add my own reviews as I use them. I have a list of favorites and what I like about them as I finish containers. I have a list of products I didn't like and why to remind myself of what not to buy again. And I have one more list of products I'd like to try next. It sounds like a lot, but it seems to help me keep track of what works and what doesn't since I'm fairly new to the curly world.
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    When I first started, I kept a hair journal. It helped a lot! If you do something like that, it's also very beneficial to note the temperature and the dew point. Temperatures and dew points do cause our hair to act up. It's a good tool in helping to unravel the mystery of your hair.

    Try not to get discouraged. A big part of the problem is that even though we've had our hair on our heads all our life, our mode of operation has always been to bend it to our will ~ that is, to force it into submission. That's why it's always been problematic. Learning to work with your hair and give it what it needs takes time.  

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