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Hi guys!  I'm going to start my CG journey tomorrow :) I got a fresh cut last night and my deva products came in last night, so i'm ready to go.  I took the texture quiz, and i'm a 2b, high porosity, thick density, and coarse (i think, i feel like it was a little of the medium and coarse).  

I ordered the low-poo delight, one condition delight (but received original, they sent me the wrong thing), deep sea repair, wavemaker, and trial sizes of the light and ultra gels.  

My first question is...how do i know if my hair likes or doesn't like what i'm doing?  I know it will be a lot of trial and error, but how long do i go before i switch to something else or know if what i'm doing is working? 

2nd question...They sent me a 32 oz of the one condition original, and when i contacted them the girl said to keep it and they would send me my 12 oz delight.  Now i have this conditioner and i don't know if i can use it on my hair, can i?  It says on the site it's for curly hair, but since that's not me i don't know if i should use it.  

Thanks for your help!!!! I've been reading the boards and trying to learn what i can, but it's still a tad overwhelming. 

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  • WavyKfromNJWavyKfromNJ Registered Users Posts: 853 Curl Virtuoso
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    You can certainly use it.  Some high porosity curls seem to like the heavier conditioner.  Even if you don't like it on a regular basis you may be able to use it like a deep conditioner.
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    The one condition original would definitely not hurt you. You have coarse hair so it certainly won't weigh your hair down. The delight line is for weightless moisture and there's a notion that wavy hair is easily weighed down but that is not the case for someone with coarse hair like you and I. Plus your hair is high porosity so your hair would not be hurt by extra moisture. I can't tell you how you know if your hair will like the styling products, however  I can tell you the best way to use the gels. Make sure that your hair is absolutely soaking wet. The way I do it is to flip my hair upside down in the shower and let my hair soak up the water one last time before immediately applying the gel in the shower and scrunching it in.
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