Has anyone ever permed their wavy hair?

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I'm beginning to think that no matter what products I put on my hair I will never have those nice curls I long for. My mom's stylist said something about perming my hair loosely to give it a more structured curl. Has anyone ever done this and would rec it? Thanks!


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    I had a perm in the 80's and it was gross. But most hair was gross in the 80's anyway.

    I feel you frustration with the lack of curls. But I also think we should learn to love our curls (or waves) the way they are. Although I haven't figure out how to do that yet...

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    Fluffy01, I decided to cut and paste one of my replies to a previous posting that asked a similar question about perms, so here it is.

    I naturally have hair that is about a 2b. Before I permed my hair, my hair was a major pain in the you know what. During the dry Winter days, my hair would almost completely straighten out. On humid Summer days, my hair would sometimes be like a 3a, but with a lot of frizz. I got tired of not knowing what my hair would be like from day to day so I ended up getting a spiral perm. I have been perming my hair for the last three years or so, about once every eight months with great success. I haven't had a bad perm yet. My hair takes a perm very well. However, I can remember being very nervous the first time I made an appointment to get my hair permed. I was so nervous I felt like I was going to the Guillotine instead of the hair salon to get a perm! I was deathly afraid that a perm would destroy my hair, but I still had the courage to give it a try. A year before I permed my hair, I cut my hair short and I hated it, so I was really nervous about a perm destroying my hair, and then having to cut it out! I hate the way I look with short hair. Fortunately I love my hair with a perm, it is much more manageable! Plus, I seem to get a lot more compliments with a perm in my hair. Before I decided to perm my hair, I tried a curl enhancer. However, my hair is so thick that a curl enhancer only had a minimal effect on my hair. If you decided to perm your hair, I would definitely seek out a stylist who is experienced in perming wavy/curly hair. I would also recommend that you not be afraid to spend the extra money and get a perm at a nice salon, with experienced stylists. A home perm can be extremely risky if you really don't know what you're doing! The last thing you want is a perm that fries your hair. Good Luck, and let us know what you decided to do!

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    So, I did this about 2 years ago. I wanted to go natural (I'm a 2a), but my fine waves, even with enhancer, tend to go flat. So I did the loosest perm possible, where they used larger rollers. Because I have natural wave, even this ended up being more curl than I wanted. I just wanted something that allowed me to maintain my wave, so getting a perm is not something I would personally recommend (though the previous response sounded positive). Honestly, if you are looking for something closer to your original 2 style, try a body wave first if you are going to chemically process your hair.
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    I had body waves some years ago, way before I realized that my 'bad' hair wasn't just straight hair with wayward tendencies, but was in fact, wavy. Sigh.

    I never liked the body wave when it was new, they were always too tight and poodle-ish on me, IMO, no matter what size rods they used, but once it had grown out a lot, I liked the way my hair behaved. Loved the wash n go ease of it all, but back then I didn't have a clue that what I probably was loving was my own actual wave.

    Basically, I was airdrying my hair, the same as I do now, but back then I was too clueless to understand that my hair just never responds well to being blown dry.
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    I dont since the need for a perm since theres nothing I cant do with a curling iron.
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    if you are unsure of going for a perm how about what i do when i want tighter curls? i wash my hair then towel dry and run some antifrizz cream through it and then put it in rollers and sleep in them then in the morning take the rollers out and you have nice curly hair
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    I know I'm a lil late on this, but I wanted to say that YES, I permed my hair a couple of times a few years ago. I'm a 2b but was a 3a for years, and I was frustrated at how my curl was relaxing :( The perm was OK for a few weeks then my hair was just FRIED. That's the only way to put it. It was SO dry, no amount of conditioner helped it. It also made the ends of my hair turn red (I have black hair). So, to me it wasn't a good choice. You need to find a cut that works with your waves and makes the most of them! :) Keeping your hair as healthy as possible is the best choice IMO. :)
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    Hi , I am new here but I just read this and I have 2c hair and I have gotten a perm before to try and get more curl definition. I regretted it. It did not change my curls (everyone told me my hair looked that curly/wavy before the perm) and all it did was cause frizz that I did not have before.
    I hope this helps.
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    CurlyPerm12: where did you go for your perm? I live in Baltimore, Maryland and i am desperately looking for somewhere to go for a good perm.

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    I permed my 2a/sometimes 3a hair a few times before. One time, the stylist did not use the largest rods...and I looked like, as my friends told me, "The Bride of Frankenstein" minus the streak. It took me FOREVER to grow it off. It was also fried beyond belief.

    The next time the stylist used the largest rods ever and did a spiral, I was pretty happy with it, but my hair was fried. It was dry and I couldn't get it conditioned enough.

    I understand wanting more curl that what you have...I want it too...but don't want to damage my hair anymore than what the highlighting does.
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    Rutica, unfortunately I can't help you there. I live in the Louisville, KY area. If I were you, I would ask a few women you've seen who have or had a really nice perm, and ask them what salon they got their hair permed at.
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    I had a perm when I was about 16, and then at about 17 as well. The second one was a lighter version and I got about 2c waves with it.

    Wavy hair just needs length, that's all, at least shoulder length (or just about) for the waves to become defined, that depends a bit on whether you're a 2a, 2b or 2c. At around bra strap length you'll get an abundance of waves but between shoulder and bra strap is an okay length too!

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    I permed my 2b-ish hair once, and did not like it. It was dry and stiff. I find that how it's cut, and how long it is, makes the difference.
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    While many on this forum who had mothers who brushed and cut their hair in attempt to straighten it, my mother loves curly hair- the curlier the better.

    I suffered through many many home perms as a child because of her love for curly hair. They never worked well of course and ended up a big frizzy poufy mess. She eventually realized that no matter how she did them they wouldn't work properly so she stopped.

    On the upside, I didn't have to fight my hairs natural tendency because she did have such a love for curly hair.
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