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I decided to do the Ancestry DNA test because I wondered if my wavy, sometimes curly hair came from somewhere else. I always thought I was 100% Chinese. The results came in. I am 89% East Asian (no accuracy as to which country so I was a bit disappointed there) and 11% polynesian. I am guessing that my wavy hair (and maybe a few other expresses genes) came from those polynesian genes. Has anyone else gotten a DNA test and were surprised by the results?


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    OOOOOO!  What a fun topic!  I have not, but I've always wanted to. Which testing service did you use? Have you shared your results with your family? Were they surprised by the Polynesian aspect? 

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    I did the National Geographic test and was only surprised by one little part - 2% Finnish/Russian. The rest was pretty accurate to family history. It was fun to do an interesting to read. I still don't know where my curly hair comes from tho. I'm the only one with hair this curly.
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    I'm Finnish, too! 25% or so. My grandma was very proud of her Finnish-ness. 

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    I did the AncestryDNA test that was advertised on TV. My family was surprised. We all thought we were 100% Chinese. I am the only one in my whole family with wild wavy hair, light/bright brown eyes with wider lids and a big, butt. Those were the reasons I thought to take the test (because everyone else I know in my family look different). I know I was *not* adopted due to my birth certificate.
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    I'm waiting on my results!  I'm excited to see what they find.  My family tree is a bit of a mystery.  All grandparents came from somewhere in Europe, and so many records were lost during WWII that we can't trace the family beyond the grandparents.
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    I always wanted to do the National Geographic test, because of how they have their mitochondrial dna migration map. Then I thought we should just make my brother do it so he can get the y-chromosome migration group too.
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    i haven't done it, but my brother said he was going to, and then we assume his results would be the same for me.  
    interestingly about hair, my mom who was 100% italian, had pin-straight hair. i got my curly hair from my dad, who was ukrainian.  or maybe russian mixed in???
    point is, people normally would assume the curls came from the italian side and in my case, no.  my hair is exactly like my dad's, even to the early graying.

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    My grandfather was adopted, and we have no info about his heritage, so I've thought doing the DNA thing would be good from that perspective. My mom could finally find out where her other half came from. 

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