Looking for Mousse Recs for Fine Hair

CTcurlygirlCTcurlygirl Posts: 15Registered Users Curl Neophyte
Hi curlies! I am looking for recs for mousse. I have very fine, low porosity 3a-3b hair that is very easily weighed down and loves mousse much more than gel. My hair seems to love a less is more approach and I am trying to streamline to as few products as possible which seems to be the way my hair wants to go. I have not noticed any protein or other sensitivity. The characteristics in a mousse that I need most are:

- curl enhancing / encouraging
- volume enhancing / does not weigh down
- moisturizing
- provides decent hold
- CG friendly

I would LOVE any recs!! :) 


  • curlyamarylliscurlyamaryllis Posts: 338Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    Devacurl Frizz-Free Foam is CG, curl enhancing and volumizing. Hold depends on the hair and the environment. I live in a high humidity area, so it's not enough by itself, but it might be fine in a different environment.

    Moisturizing depends, too. I use the FFF under Devacurl's Ultra Defining Gel, no other products, and it's fine for me. But again, I live in a very humid area, so it might be that there's so much moisture in the air, I don't need to do much else for that.
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  • RedwithcurlsRedwithcurls Posts: 9Registered Users, Curl Ambassador Curl Neophyte
    I like Marc Anthony's strictly curls styling foam it's amazing.  I ventured away from this trying out different products but can't find anything in comparison to it.  Good luck in your search 😊

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