3A? Intro from a straight haired mama of a curly haired girl.

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I must have the straightest hair known to man and somehow one of my twin daughters came out with curly hair! This is from my grandfather (who has tight curls) but I truly am stumped with how to care for it properly. As she gets older it is becoming more obvious that I need to have a good routine for her, she is 5.5 and will be in elementary school next year. I'm adding some pictures of her at 2yo, and now at 5. She has never had a haircut. Is she a 3A or 2C? Her hair is thick but I'm not sure about the porosity.  Let me know what you all think!


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    Hi @rosyringlets : Welcome to nc.com. Your daughters are adorable! I think whatever you are doing in those pictures is great. If you want to learn more for techniques to use later, you could try looking into the Curly Girl Handbook by Lorraine Massey. There is a chapter for curly kids.
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    @rosyringlets  Beautiful girls! 

    I wouldn't worry too much about hair type, etc. at this point. You might want to focus on making sure her hair is tangle-free, as that seems to be the biggest issue that plagues wee curlyheads. A leave-in conditioner is good for preventing tangles. 

    Here are a couple of resources for you: 


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    You are beautiful!
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    Hi @rosyringlets! I'm a curly child of a straight-haired momma. My hair has always been the exact opposite of my momma's hair (I got my dad's hair). Her's is stick-straight, thin, and fine. She never knew what to do with my hair, so she cared for my hair the same way you'd care for straight hair. She always taught me to embrace my natural curl though. She just didn't know (and neither did I until recently) that there were different ways to care for curly hair. I think the fact that you're here and seeking information is fantastic! All I can say is just don't brush her hair when it's completely dry. That's what my mom always did, and I walked around with very fluffy hair many days :D
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    hi @rosyringlets welcome to nc! just like @justkaty5 I'm also a curly child of a straight haired mama. Her hair was dense, coarse and slightly wavy- maybe a 2a and heavily permed later on in the 80s when I was an older wee curly. I was very fortunate, because like you, she was interested in curly hair care for her kids! She was actually blessed with two wee curlies, and my younger brother has intensely dense 3c curls, much more intimidating than my looser 3a/b curls-- so leave in conditioner and learning to finger comb and scrunch after several brush-on-dry-hair disasters was the an amazing turning point for all of us. French braided pigtails were a favourite of mine and made my moms life way easier as well! She had a pretty extensive collection of "hair gadgets" (clips, scrunchies, head bands) to keep my hair from getting massively tangled (I was a bit of a tomboy growing up and came home with leaves and twigs, etc in my hair pretty regularly) But I would say that the best thing she did was embracing our curls and teaching us that wearing our naturally curly hair can be really beautiful! Also your daughters are SO adorable! It looks like your curly girl might be 2c/3a to me, but its hard to tell and her hair could change-- my hair and my brothers hair texture changed a little bit as we got older-- as a younger kid I had looser less coarse curls and when I hit 11/12 my hair got curlier and more coarse. The same thing happened to my brother, but I'm not sure if that's a common thing. Also as far as products go, I think I've seen a couple products by Shea Moisture for kids? I've not personally tried them, and I'm not sure what makes them different, but the adult line of SM is pretty great imo! Best of luck! <3
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