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In parts of my hair my roots seems wavy and tends to build/retain it's own oil after a while but the crown area is always dry and brittle AF and lacks a curl. 

Could it be because I have a different curl pattern/texture in that area maybe type 4 or am I doing something wrong??  

The waves, though looser, resembles the wave that form in the front when ones hair is pulled back. 

Then the wave stops mid strands and at the ends are dry curls. 

How can I get the middle to resemble the rest of my hair if possible? And how to make my curls less frizzy and dull looking as they don't move much if at all. 

Just one big frizz ball with some curls here and there. 

I just rubbed some leave in  conditoner and some Eco styler on Friday and blow dried until it didn't have the wet look anymore. 

I wore a high tight curly ponytail on Friday, then loosened it Friday night in like a pulled back curly fro cause the middle still wasn't completely dry. 

Pics of wavy roots, dry crown area and 3 day old hair.

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    I don't think your hair looks frizzy at all, just some undefined curls. You will just have to experiment with products and routines to find what works for you, since we are all different! In the photos your hair looks like it is 3c-4a maybe? You should check out the type 3 and type 4 forums! 
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    Rubbed in product? That may your problem right there. Technique really matters with curls. You may want to try praying hands and rake n' shake application techniques. (I know there are tutorials on both on this site.) Both are designed to define curls and minimize frizz in tighter curl patterns. Depending on what products you are using, it could also just be the wrong products for your hair or the environment. 

    Your dry crown may be one of two things, or a combination of both. (1) Hair on the crown is most exposed to the elements so it gets more damaged. (2) It's very common for people to have multiple curl patterns on their heads. My crown is always looser and the area above my forehead where bangs would go is the tightest. 
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    @Jeepcurlygirl Thanks, I was thinking there may be 4a somewhere in there and I thought all of that was frizz. Still more learning to do. 

    @curlyamaryllis Thanks, I will try to get little samples of different products until I find what works for me. 

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