How do I get my waves/curls back? What am I doing wrong?

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Hey all, 
I have come to the curly community to ask for serious advice. I am very unhappy with my hair and I can't seem to find any products or any methods that work for it to look good on a daily basis. I get out of the shower and when it dries its a weird combination of straight on top with awkward waves underneath (sometimes it can be frizzy). Now for a backstory, when I was younger I had beautiful and long 3a hair but I got my first haircut at 5 and it turned straight. it was crazy and my parents were upset but they didn't know the haircut would do anything to my curls. I've struggled to come up with a routine for my wavy/curly hair. it is now between 2a-2b hair. its wavy but in some parts can be considered curly. I would consider it wavy. On a good day, my hair will have a slight beachy wave to it but its out of pure luck like when I twist it myself and sleep on it twisted or when it just happens to air dry. 

Another thing to note, I used to heat style my hair very often which is bad, I know but I've cut back a lot. I was my hair every other day (at night time) because it tends to get oily on the 2nd day and I use organix shampoo and conditioner. I have some John Freida products for curls but I don't use them and just resort to letting my hair dry and then using a hairstyle (like a braid) to hide it. I really want to form a routine that works for my hair but I feel very clueless about what products to use and what techniques to use. I really need help. I'm sick of straightening my hair and want to finally embrace my beautiful waves that are hiding underneath. PLEASE HELP!!


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    You have come to the right place.

    Often wavy hair does not start at the roots, you are not alone in this situation.  Before you invest heavily in new products take the time to learn about your hair and how it reacts in different situations.  Read as many articles as you can.  

    It would be helpful to know more about your hair.  Is it fine, medium or course?  Is is high, low or medium porosity?  Do you have hard or soft water?  The more information you can provide the more we can help.

    In the meantime this is one of the most helpful hair blogs ever:  There are posts to help you answer all the questions I mentioned.

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    Do the Organix products contain silicones? Many curlies/wavies have more success on a silicone-free regimen. I would clarify your hair using a sulfate shampoo (to get off any build-up) and then switch to a sulfate- and silicone-free regimen. (Sulfates are harsh on the hair, so it is generally recommended to use them only for clarifying.) I would also try using a gel, since gels are usually helpful in holding a curl pattern.
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    what gel do you recommend?
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    Hi @dp16u : Sorry you are stuggling with this. But we have all been there, so maybe we can help you out. Like @Therese1 said, the first thing you is it is best to avoid silicones and sulfates on a regular basis. So check the products you are using to make sure there aren't any non-water-soluable silicones in them. To identify this, please see this article on the Sciency Hair Blog: Silicone Ingredient Solubility List. It can be a drag to have to constantly read ingredients lists, but that's kind of all you can do because silicones are everywhere. But this will help improve the long term health of your hair, and you will probably see improvements pretty quickly after you clarify them out.

    After that, can you tell us what your hair properties are (hair width, porosity, density)? These properties will help identify what types of products and techniques will best work with your hair (more so than curl type). There is a guide in the newbie threads that can help you figure this out.
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    I am currently trying the CGM and  I am struggling. I have thin and frizzy hair with curly roots and then it dies down towards the ends. I feel overwhelmed to be honest, but I want to stick it.
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    I've had some problems with my 3a hair turning into super frizzy waves on occasion too. When that happens I review two things: what products I'm putting in my hair, and how I'm putting them in. 
    1.) What products are you currently using on your hair? As a general rule of thumb (most curlies agree on this, and I find it makes all the difference with my fine 3a hair) you should be avoiding sulfates, silicones, and parabens. While you may find that your hair can tolerate some of these later on, I would start by cutting them all out to give your hair a fresh start. While marketed as natural, the Organix line isn't that great, which is what you said you'd been using. I would instead recommend trying Shea Moisture, as it's similar in price and works amazing. You can read up on their website on the different product lines, but I would recommend trying either the curl and shine line or the manuka honey and mafura oil lines. Shampoo (some people co-wash, which might work for your heat damaged hair, but I have never done this so I can't attest to it), condition with a Shea Moisture or other curly-girl approved conditioner, and then apply a styler. A gel or curl cream would work for this, and shea moisture has some of both. If not, you can try a flaxseed hair gel. It's easy and affordable. After I completely stripped my hair with silicones and the sun, this stuff saved me. Most people love the deva curl line, but I haven't had great results and it's pretty expensive.

    Now for how you're applying your products. Whether you're applying them on wet, dry or damp hair makes all of the difference. Are you raking them through or scrunching? Some work great for some and horrible for others, so experiment.
    This video shows a great example of how I apply product, to each individual curl (ignore all of the products she uses): 
    Read up on different blogs and youtube videos to find out what works for you.

    Lastly, I would find a devacurl trained stylist near you- there's a finder app on their website- and get your hair cut by a professional who knows curly hair. After having my hair turned almost straight by a bad haircut, getting a curly cut took me from a 2b back to my 3a.
    I hope this helps and best of luck to you!

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