How do you maintain/encourage clumping on day 2 (and beyond) hair?

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I'm new here and have been doing CG for about 7 months. I have fine wavy hair, (mix of 2a and 2b mostly) and have been able to get some good clumping and definition (sometimes) on day 1, but find that my fine hair falls out of clumping after sleeping. This ends up in a more frizzy untamed looking day 2 and day 3 can be downright scary! Just wondering if anyone has some suggestions for maintaining or re-clumping hair that's come out of formation. I mostly use Kinky Curly Curling Custard without a hard hold gel because my hair gets weighed down easily and haven't found a hard hold gel that doesn't feel producty in my hair (don't even know if a hard hold gel would be the answer anyway). Thanks for the help!

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    How my hair ends up on day two depends on the gel I use on day one.  With some gels, my hair is just a frizzy-but-straight mess.  Other gels will give me shiny curls, still clumped nicely. 

    But there are still things you can do to make day 2 hair look good.  Lots of people use sprays - either just water, or water mixed with conditioner or gel.  Sprays don't work for me though.  What I do is I stand at the sink, and use my hands to smooth water down my hair.  I use a "praying hands" technique,  or just one hand that smooths the hair from the top to the bottom.  Then a use a tiny blob of gel in my wet hand, mix with a bit of water, and smooth that down my hair.  Then I'll grab my hair towel and do a "rope squeeze" technique to reclump the hair.  All that smoothing straightens the hair, so I very very gently use an upwards motion with my towel to bring out the waves.  Then I clip my roots and let it air dry mostly.  If it's still damp when I need to leave, I use the diffuser for a couple minutes to finish drying.

    It took a long time and a lot of experimenting to figure out what my hair needs for second day hair.  I started out by experimenting at night (experimenting in the morning means if it comes out bad, I'm stuck with it all day!).  Once I started getting better results, I tried it on weekend mornings when I was going to stay at home.  Then it got good enough that I could do it weekdays too, when I need to look decent for work.
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    @Guide 65 Thank you! I've been so afraid to smooth anything on my hair for day 2 for the very reason that it will straighten it out, but I'm encouraged to hear that you can do that and still encourage curl. I am definitely going to try these techniques you shared here. Thanks for the advice and input!
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    Hi @Pearl'sCurls, @Guide 65 gave some great ideas. I wanted to direct you to this thread on curltalk with some refresh techniques in the first couple posts: Sleeping and Refreshing. real life+curly girl uses the Kinky Curly Styling Spritz in her refresh routine, and that might play nicely with your KCCC. The videos might seem somewhat involved, but you might get some more ideas to incorporate.
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