Why is my hair not curling from the root?

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I have hair that fluctuates between type 2c and 3a. And I don't know why, but I just can't get my hair to start curling from the root. I wouldn't have thought it was possible at all, but I had a Devacurl trained stylist do my hair and she managed to get my hair to form these big curls that started from the root. I have tried almost everything I can think of, and I don't know why my curls just fall flat near my roots. I have started using gel, and I've tried different amounts of gel. I've tried using all Devacurl products to try and mimic the original results, and I've used all of the same techniques.

Has anyone else had this issue and know what I am doing wrong? I am more or less happy with my curls right now, but I just don't know how the professional stylist got my hair to curl from the root!

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    Hey girl, try finger coiling and also try using clips in your roots while your hair is drying, that will give your roots a little lift and make you have more volume. Have you tried the devacurl super curl cream or the gel? That usually works well for me on my roots. Also, If you want more curl at the root, stay away from products that will weigh the hair down. Hope that helps. 


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    I'm not sure what the answer is. But I wanted to call your attention to this class that @Guide 65  took: https://curltalk.naturallycurly.com/discussion/181621/atoyas-curly-hair-course-highly-recommended

    If you were interested in something like that, it might answer some of your questions.

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    @Tehminazaidi Thanks for the advice! I have tried finger coiling, but that does not really do much of anything for my hair for some reason. I have yet to try using clips in my hair though, so I might try that.

    I am currently using Devacurl's Ultra defining gel, but the stylist who did my hair used the Arc Angel Gel. Maybe my issue is that the gel I am using just isn't as strong as the Arc Angel Gel?
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    Try a few different clipping techniques, that is a serious game changer for my want-to-be-straight roots  
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    Do any of the products you use contain silicone such as dimethicone? I had this problem a few days ago. I made a DIY mixture that got all the product build up from silicone out of my hair and my curls at the root returned.
  • StillunsureonmycurltypeStillunsureonmycurltype Posts: 92Registered Users, Curl Ambassador Curl Connoisseur
    lambcurls said:
    Do any of the products you use contain silicone such as dimethicone? I had this problem a few days ago. I made a DIY mixture that got all the product build up from silicone out of my hair and my curls at the root returned.
    try this^

    Also, have you tried rinsing your hair with cold water upside down? Also placing clips underneath near the roots to encourage the curl to form away from the head and on its own rather than relying on the head's shape as a guide? And squeezing the hair from end to root, like gathering it all up and gently squeezing it to somewhat encourage a curl.
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    Y'all are so knowledgable! 

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    You are beautiful!

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