What on earth does my hair actually need?? What types of products/ingredients to look for?

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Hi everyone...for a few years I have been reading and reading about no-poo and curly girl method to try to figure out what to do with my hair. I still can't seem to figure out what MY hair needs. I'm not looking for specific product recommendations but more for ingredients and types of products to look for. I am hoping someone who is more adept at this than I am can point me in the right direction.

I have shoulder-length wavy hair that is almost curly in the lower 2/3 and BARELY wavy at all in the top 1/3. I have been no-poo for several years, no sulfates or silicones. My hair has been less dry since and seems pretty healthy - I don't get breakage or split ends and it seems pretty soft. My major problem is FRIZZ. My hair instantly absorbs water from the air and frizzes and poofs - I live in the south so basically every day is a bad hair day. The only days my hair feels silky, smooth, and unfrizzy are cool (50's or lower) with low humidity or when I flat iron which is basically never. According to the quiz, I have high porosity (I'm guessing the frizz is a symptom of that), dense hair, fine-medium strands.

I'm also very susceptible to oiliness. Even going two days between washing is a stretch for me as my hair really feels greasy after 24h, and I also work outdoors/exercise regularly so generally co-wash with L'Oreal EverPure cleansing balm every day. Product in my hair makes the greasy, oily feel even worse so I don't usually use anything at all in it, although I've tried gels, curl cremes, smoothing creams, etc. but still the frizz. I also generally wear my hair blown dry - my hair takes 4-5 hours to air dry and then still looks crappy (ie - frizzy, with akward non-waves falling over top almost curls with cowlicks in the front). I can't go to bed on it wet or the waves just end up crazy or smashed and if I try to air dry you basically have to not touch it, have wind, humidity, etc. touch it until dry and that's impossible for me (like I said - I work outdoors). So I cowash at night, stick my head upside down and blowdry most of the way while smoothing with my fingers and the next day it's straight-ish. I recently tried a shea-moisture oil finisher and while it DID help with the frizz (yay!!! my hair was SMOOTH even going outside!), it feels so greasy and heavy even using less than a pea-sized amount while at the same time the texture feels more dry.

What can I do?! What ingredients do I need to look for? Does my hair need moisture? Are humectants a bad idea (I'm guessing yes). What about protein? How can I find something SUPER light that won't weigh my hair but seals out the humidity? I would like to wear my hair naturally air dried sometimes too, any suggestions for achieving that?

Really grateful for any help anyone has.


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    @bomega - thanks for all the tips. Great websites. I will try some  protein. And try to avoid glycerine but it seems to be in EVERYTHING. 

    @Guide 65 I will try adding product before toweling! Maybe that will remove the excess product that makes my hair look and feel greasy.

    @Wildberry I’ve tried gel but it just makes my air dry time even longer - hours and hours...it ends up getting messed up before the gel sets :(
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    Hi @kristenm : Yeah, glycerin is everywhere. To compound the question is not all curlies have problems with simple humectants even in humidity.

    Good luck - have fun experimenting. :)
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