Shampoo/Co-Wash/something else for sensitive scalp?

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I'll try to keep this short and simple. I used to wash my hair once every two weeks, I did that for over 8 years I believe, but in the past 3 years I switched to washing once or twice a week, usually once. This is also when I switched to more natural products, became more mindful of the products I use and started reading ingredients and researching them. Overall my wash routine is fine, except for one thing: when I go to bed after wash day I simply cannot sleep on my back or on my side because it hurts/itches when my head touches the bed, to be honest I don't know if itching is the correct word, it just feels like my head is "too clean" and it hurts. I've looked this up and all I keep finding is articles about how not washing you hair makes your scalp hurt, when I'm going through the opposite. I've used so many different shampoos that are supposedly mild (free of sulfates, paraben, phthalates, etc.) and I also watch out for ingredients that are known irritants and none of it works, so far the only product that made a difference was the Creme of Nature purelicious co-wash that has been discontinued, however, co-washing with that product meant I had to do it twice a week plus eventual build-up due to hard water. While my hair doesn't get that greasy look from not washing, it starts to feel dirty after a week, so I can't skip washing weekly. I'm looking for recommendations and ideas on what I should do or what I could use to clean my scalp, I'm open to DIY ideas, I've also recently purchased Alaffia's Everyday Coconut and Everyday Shea products to see if those would help.


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    Hi @holypowercell : Welcome to The product you are talking about, is it this one: Creme of Nature Argan Oil Pure-licious Co-Wash (12 oz.) (note: This has a 'cone).

    I don't know what to say about the problem you are having. I have that hurting occasionally, but it is never to where I can't lie down on it. Just that it hurts sort of. And its not often. I hope you can figure this out. As to the Alaffia products you bought. I wanted to say I like the Everyday Coconut line in the winter, but the Everyday Shea products personally did not moisturize enough and also overly weighed my hair down. But I hope it works for you. Personally, though I prefer the original line Shampoos. The Hydrating Lavender one is pretty balanced, and these are formulated with African Black Soap which is good for the scalp. Disclaimer: I do have hard water issues, and using soap on the hair can exacerbate - I have to clarify the hardwater buildup regularly. The Reishi line is also good, and the Shampoo/Conditioner could work for you (I like the Reishi Nourishing Conditioner, but the Reishi Cleansing Conditioner cowash did not have enough slip. It was quite moisturizing though).
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