Share your step by step hair process please. not sure when I do certain steps or in what order

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Please share your step by step process you do with your hair.  I am trying to tweak my the steps in my routine and need to start clarifying and deep conditioning and adding oil to my hair to help seal in moisture but I'm not sure when in the process I do those things.

I have 2b, fine, high porosity, medium length, partially bleached hair.  

I know I co-wash and then do I clarify and then deep condition?  Just a little confused :)
2b, fine, high porosity


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    Yeah, it can get confusing!
    1) On wash day, some people co-wash, and then go into their styling routine. Others will use a low-poo (non-sulfate, non-clarifying shampoo) and possibly a rinse-out conditioner, then go to styling. The styling routine can be Leave-in only, Leavein+Gel/Curl cream, Leavein+Oil+Gel/Curl cream (This is the LOC you may have heard of). Some people do LCO instead of LOC. Some people start their styling routine in the shower, applying product while hair is drenched wet. Some people squeeze out the water, or dry with a t-shirt and apply to hair that isn't dripping wet. Some people apply the products in their styling separately one-after-the-other. Other will cocktail some or all the products together in their hand.

    2) If you don't wash every day, on the non-wash day, that person has a refresh routine, which may or may not include getting the hair wet.

    3) Between 1x/week-1x/month some people clarify, and follow this with a deep condition. This would include using a sulfate/clarifying shampoo, and then applying a deep conditioner product to the hair, put on a shower cap and let it sit for 20-30 minutes ideally under heat (this can be a heat cap if you have it, or a wash cloth warmed with hot water), then rinse. Then style as you would on a wash day.

    4) An alternative way to deep condition is to do an oil treatment with a penetrating oil (coconut oil and olive oil are popular choices) the night before usually to dry hair (I have done this with wet hair also for good results). Then the next morning do your regular wash day routine (cowash/low-poo+conditioner...whatever you normally do).

    Hope this helps, but just ask if something is not clear. :)
    Low-poo: Alaffia Coffee & Shea Revitalizing Shampoo for Fine/Thin Hair (summer), Alaffia Coconut & Shea Hydrating Shampoo
    Clarify: Kinky Curly Come Clean
    Rinse-out: Alaffia Coffee & Shea Revitalizing Conditioner for Fine/Thin Hair (summer), Alaffia Everyday Coconut Ultra Hydrating Conditioner
    DT: Camille Rose Naturals Algae Renew Deep Conditioner
    Leave-in: As I Am Leave-in
    Styler: Lily of the Desert 99% Aloe Vera Gelly
    Treatment: Daily tea spray; Coconut oil overnight treatment; Citric acid rinse for hard water; 2-step Henndigo w/ amla to cover gray

    2C, fine, low porosity, low/medium density, protein sensitive

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    You really need to play with your own routine as you learn what works best for you!

    Here is my current routine (zero sulfates, zero silicones):

    Every 2 weeks; preepoo, clarify and deep condition. I need to clarify often as I have hard water. I prepoo with coconut oil for about 30m, wash with a clarifying shampoo and then do a nice deep conditioning treatment for about 30m. I have a hood dryer for heat.

    This is rinsed and followed by a curl cream and topped with a gel. I pretty much only use Kinky Curly's Curling Custard.

    Once a week: shampoo with gentle sulfate free cleanser, regular conditioner, leave in and/or curl cream depending on the feels, and topped with a gel. 

    Once a month I do a protein treatment.

    Once every two months I do Olaplex.

    I do not cowash as it does not work for me having fine hair and hard water.

    Refreshing in the mornings for me is just a spritz of water with a dab of conditioner to reactivate my products and when dry, scrunch out.

    Voila! Happy trials!

    2C-3A Fine, medium density, very long
    Modified CG Method / Natural Only since 2015
    Earthtones Naturals Lover

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