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I like the big 80s hair style, but since I've gone CG I haven't gotten into it yet. When I was younger and my hair was long, how it was cut made it look pretty big. But my hormones may have changed as well, or maybe I just take better care of my hair, not sure, BUT I definitely want to get that again. What I can think of now is just drying it a certain way to make more volume, currently I only use a gel and a cream after washing. Please help! If anyone has any suggestions besides hairspray, I'm open for anything, thanks!

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    I love Innersense Organics I Create Hold. In fact, no other hairspray touches my hair!
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    I've been using Marc Anthony Argon Oil hair spray.  It works ok.  There are no silicones, but there are drying alcohols.  I've also heard that Pantene Air Spray is CG - but I don't know for sure, so check the ingredients.

    But if you want big 80s hair, definitely get a diffuser!  Or both!  The diffuser adds a lot of volume for me.
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    Hi @ser0tonin : Welcome to nc.com. If you want big curly hair you came to the right place! :) There are a lot of products and techniques you can try to achieve that, but it will be helpful if you start by telling us your hair type (hair width, porosity, density) and perhaps your curl type. There is a guide in the newbie section to help you figure this out. While you are over there is a thread that describes the basic Curly Girl Method (which it sounds like you are familiar with) but it also lists a number of styling techniques that you might find helpful.

    Can you also share what products and techniques you are using right now, and what you think of them?

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    @bomega I've been referencing this site for a little while now I only just made an account to ask this, looking through the internet continuously gets tiring haha
    I have 3b curls, medium thickness, density is also medium, and high porosity. 
    All of my details:
    I generally use a cantu light conditioner initially with jojoba oil (just started using this recently for my very dry scalp this winter, in this past summer I was using avocado oil) when washing and then an acure conditioner. 
    Then a cantu cream, and rici gel.
    For styling currently:
    I leave my hair in a shirt to dry a few minutes and then use clips to let my hair dry weighted so to pull the curls (to appear longer and less intense). When almost completely dry I take them out to finish air drying. 
    For the top of my hair I usually leave in a large clip so it can have most curl and volume than the rest to get a bigger hair effect, I'm looking into getting a diffuser. 
    Gels generally wont have the hold I'm looking for, and this would be for going out that Id want the hairspray for this look so it wouldnt be an everyday thing I'd use.
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    I don't think I've used hairspray in 40 years so I'm no help there. But ditto what others have said about diffusers - they help give you big hair! 
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