HELP! Losing my 2c curls, scalp issues since I tried switched to no/low poo/natural products!

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First post here, long time reader on Naturally Curly.

Background...2 years ago I decided to switch to no/low poo to get unnecessary chemicals out of my life. I had transitioned with food, make up and most beauty regiments. My beautiful curly hair was the last to transition! My hair has always been bouncy, lots of volume, curls all the way to the scalp, no scalp issues, minimal frizz, took to whatever style, didn't matter what products I used, low maintenance, never oily (didn't was more than twice a week, if that). I had it all!

I'm regretting my decision to switch because now it seems whatever I do for 2 years hair just won't LOOK OR FEEL the same. Initial switch, Deva curl no/low poo made my scalp freak out - it was so red and itchy, it bled. Learned others had similar experiences. Couple other tries and ended up with Shea Moisture. Finally started to work okay. Didn't last. My hair started going to "chunky" curls and heavy. Eventually figured out you could OVER moisturize hair. Stopped doing that but not the same. Tried custom shampoos like Function of Beauty, my best friend loves her when I told her about it. Smell is amazing! My boyfriend loves it. However, my hair was still struggling. Limp, not as curly, chunky curls...basically lose waves now. Curly but flat for one day, then waves the next. I have to wash my hair more often or the scalp gets BAD. I finally caved and went back to cheap sulfate Garner shampoo and conditioner. Thinking, it never used to be an issue, might as well go back to it. And still, not my hair. I'm really disappointed on my hair journey and would love to hear anyone's advice at this point. I'm not sure what to do anymore and don't want to give up on my once beautiful curls. It took me so long to learn to love my curls and for the past decade I have done nothing but adored them. I want my MY curls back! 

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    Hi @lilolovecu : Welcome to I'm sorry you are having to go through this. That's awful what happened when you used Devacurl! :( It is kind of confusing what is going on. My first thought is that you may have had some damage and the Garnier you were using for years helped out with this situation because it has Amodimethicone. As 'cones go, this is one of the least offensive because it is one of the few that doesn't build up on itself, and can sort of selectively adhere to damage, so it can help out. But if you had damage, I think the Form of Beauty would have helped out more, as it looked like all of their formulations had protein in them (which also helps out with damage). Which Shea Moisture did you use that sort of worked out for a while?

    One thing you might want to try is to clarify followed by a moisturizing deep treatment. To clarify, you can use any sulfate shampoo that doesn't have silicones in it. But consider getting one of these listed in this article: Shampoos Which Remove: Product Build-Up. For a moisturizing deep treatment, consider trying Camile Rose Naturals Algae Treatment, or Curl Junkie Curl Rehab. They are both popular - the CRN Algae one might be available at your Target.
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    Honestly, my first thought is that you may want to consult a dermatologist. They will help you find out if anything is missing from your diet and regimen that is causing scalp and hair issues. They may also run allergy testing that will determine if it is an allergy or sensitivity issue. Even all-natural ingredients aren't necessarily gentle or hypoallergenic.

    In addition, I have had great success for my 2c curls with Palmer's coconut oil shampoo. It gets even my super oily scalp very clean, but doesn't overdry. Afterward, I like suave essentials tropical coconut conditioner. I don't just keep it to my ends; I work it all the way up and massage my scalp. 
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    Have you done a protein treatment at all? It can correct over moistured hair and really make you bouncy!
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