Baby Products for Adults?

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One of my friends has a young daughter - she uses her child's products on herself sometimes and gets good results. I was just curious if anybody here does this, too. I've heard some bad stuff about baby shampoo, though I use it as a clarifier occasionally. I have kinda sensitive skin and thought about trying J&J's baby lotion. Not sure if it will be moisturizing enough for me, though. I have normal-dry skin. With my Bath and Body Works lotion, I'm having to re-apply it at least twice a day. I want to find a better lotion that I don't have to apply so much (also curious about the body washes, baby oil, etc.).


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    Babies don't heat style or use styling products. Think about it!
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    Read the ingredients first. Some of those baby products are marginal at best for both babies and adults. Baby oil makes me break out in painful red bumps because it's mostly mineral oil. Many baby lotions contain mineral oil as well.

    The thing about "no more tears" is that it's not necessarily more gentle. It has ingredients added that numb, rather than sting. I think if people knew what they were putting on their babies, they'd be shocked.

    I'm not one of those all-natural, all chemicals are always bad sort of people.
    When are women going to face the fact that they don’t know their own bodies as well as men who have heard things?

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    mrspoppers is right. Just because it says "baby" on it hardly means it is gentle. Our pediatrician recommended Cetaphil (the cream and the wash) for our baby and his sensitive skin. So if you are worried about sensitive skin...stick to Cetaphil or Eucerin.
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    I recently bought the Johnson and Johnson body wash because I had a coupon. I got the "calming" scent and I love it! It has a light, pleasant smell and leaves my skin baby soft. My boyfriend used it and also liked it. He said it rinses off well and doesn't make you feel "filmy".
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    I had been using the L'oreal Kids' line and it made my daughter's hair become straw so I am back to Johnson and Johnson.

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    Have you ever heard of/tried Ecco Bella lotions? I've only found them at organic type grocery stores. They are AWESOME, even if a bit pricey. They last really well, and have some great scents. Not baby lotions, but they may do the trick for you.
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    Well, I bought Johnson and Johnson's baby lotion (in the pink bottle). I like it because it doesn't irritate my sensitive skin. Doesn't have a strong fragrance either, and no mineral oil! I've used mineral oil to remove makeup, but not as a moisturizer since I've heard it clogs pores really bad. Thanks for the tips and suggestions!
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    I use the Johnson & Johnson lavendar baby lotion, and the baby oil gel. I love the lavendar scent the most, it's a soft clean smell and it moisturizes pretty well. I also have the cream oil moisturizer but haven't used it yet.
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    Ditto that the most important thing is to read the ingredients. I once tried using J & J baby shampoo because magazines touted it as being a favorite of top models (when magazines still used models!) as a way of keeping their hair in tip top shape. It was disastrous for me. I looked like I had been electrocuted!

    I've had good success, however, with the body products. The good thing is that they are relatively inexpenisve so if you try something and don't like the results you won't kick yourself over the money.
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