Tips for growing out hair?

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So around the beginning of Summer I decided to stop straightening my hair and embrace my curls, at this point my hair was a little bit below my collarbone (straightened). So fast forward a bit, I get my first "curly haircut", and due to all of the damage caused by years of frying my hair my hair was a little bit over mid-neck curly after the cut. Since then its regained most of its curl and is now down to right above my collarbone. But anyway, my goal is to eventually get waist length hair. So far I have been deep conditioning with a mixture of coconut and shea butter once a week, combing my hair rather than brushing, sleeping with satin pillowcases, and taking vitamins to help with hair strength.

So I was just wondering if anyone had any tips on how to get there?

(I'd also like to add that I wash my hair every 2-3 days with sulfate free shampoo, which I know is pretty often, but its what works with my hair. I also tried cowashing awhile back; but it didn't seem to really clean my hair at all. Was I not doing it right?)

Thank you!

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