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RedwithcurlsRedwithcurls Posts: 8Registered Users, Curl Ambassador Curl Neophyte
I have 3a long hair, I've been using mousse but I'm thinking about switching to a gel.  My mousse works beautifully for an hour then it looses definition and frizzes. Any recommendations? Are there mousse/gels out there that are good? Thanks for your help, you all are brilliant and are so knowledgeable💕

Best Answers

  • jeepcurlygurljeepcurlygurl Posts: 19,718Registered Users, Curl Ambassador Curl Virtuoso
    Accepted Answer
    It will probably take some experimenting to find what your hair likes the most. My hair doesn't do well with mousse at all but give it some LA Looks Sport Gel and it's happy as can be. : ) 
  • BrittanyMBrittanyM Posts: 110Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    Accepted Answer
    LA Looks Sports gel is a hard hold gel that many like as @jeepcurlygurl mentioned. I've never tried it but plan to in the future during the humid months. I like the Ecoco Styler Arran Oil one found at Sally. Another popular gel in this community. It's not too hard holding but it doesn't dry out my hair. Best of luck!
  • bomegabomega Posts: 769Registered Users Curl Virtuoso
    edited January 10 Accepted Answer
    Hi @Redwithcurls : You got some good ideas here, and both the LA Looks Sports Gel and the Ecostyler are very affordable so easily worth a try. When I want a finished look, I have been using the Giovanni LA Natural Gel, which I prefer over the above two because it doesn't have protein (nor parabens which the LA Looks Sports Gel has). I use it over a leave-in to help my curls stay hydrated.
  • BeinDebBeinDeb Posts: 491Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    Accepted Answer
    Fine, low density curly here. Mousse does the same thing for me. Kinky Curly Curling Custard is one of my HG's, followed closely by Uncle Funky's Daughter's Curly Magic. I've also been experimenting with Mielle's Honey & Ginger Styling Gel. It doesn't take much of either of those products (a dab'll do ya), so they last a long time, and they're all good for moisturizing as well. 
  • BeinDebBeinDeb Posts: 491Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    Accepted Answer
    No worries Redwithcurls. I rarely get the crunch either. In fact, it's become an indicator as to whether or not my hair is completely dry. Most of the time, if the crunch is still there, it's not as dry as I may think it is. If I do scrunch it out, I will loose both curl and definition. And, it doesn't seem to matter how much I use. I can't help but wonder if it's because my hair is so porous? Perhaps yours is the same way?
  • BrittanyMBrittanyM Posts: 110Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    Accepted Answer
    Glad you had longer lasting curls, @Redwithcurls. The eco styler gel I use sometimes has a crunch and sometimes not. I don't know if it's the amount used or what causes it. If you're getting success, I wouldn't worry about it. But interesting to know that LA sports gel is the same. Thanks for the update!
  • bomegabomega Posts: 769Registered Users Curl Virtuoso
    Accepted Answer
    Hi @Redwithcurls : Of course still using the Giovanni gel, but I don't have crunch to scrunch either. Just clumps, hold without frizz, and good shape as well.

    I don't think its all coming off the shirt if you are getting improved results. To get more hold, try using more?
  • SavagegirlSavagegirl Posts: 279Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    Accepted Answer
    Have you considered a custard? Kinky Curly Curling Custard will give you serious definition and hold while Moptop's is effective but softer.


  • GretchenGretchen Administrator Posts: 9,001Administrators, Moderators Administrator
    Hi @Redwithcurls — have you been experimenting? What have you tried? 

    NaturallyCurly.com co-founder

    You are beautiful!
  • RedwithcurlsRedwithcurls Posts: 8Registered Users, Curl Ambassador Curl Neophyte
    @Gretchen thanks for checking on me.  I have used the LA Looks Sport Gel actually it is "extreme sport".  I use it on my wet hair and then I plop with a T-shirt.  I thought it would be crunchy but it isn't, maybe most of the gel is coming off on the shirt? Not sure.  My curls are soft and defined, they last longer than with mousse but not quite as hard holding as I envisioned.  I am still experimenting.  I was expecting to have to scrunch out the crunch but there's no crunch to scrunch.  

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