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I had really long hair back then when i was a kid , and by the start of my teenage years , it started to fall out all by itself , so i had to cut it a bob cut to make the majority of equal lengths 
it's now almost 5 years later , and it hasn't even grown an inch ( but honestly its super thick )
I tried everything : went to countless doctors and tried plenty of recipes and mixtures i found over the internet 
Has anybody ever went through such a phase in their life ? if yes , please tell me the magical secret that would help in growing my hair longer !!!
PS : i have never dyed my hair , i have only chemically treated it once 2 years after i cut it because i thought that my short curls looked horrible back then ( i really love them right now and wouldn't trade them for the world lol ) and i sometimes use heat to style my hair (2 or 3 times per month to be specific ) and my hair is high porosity  
thanks in advance :smiley:

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    Mine didn't grow for many years, either, so I completely understand. And I have no idea what finally jump-started it, unfortunately. It did finally start growing after MANY years (like 7, I think), except for one part of my head (the nape area), which still doesn't grow. I did switch to a particular shampoo and conditioner and stopped using a whole bunch of random stuff, and that may or may not be connected. I don't know. It was so annoying. 

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    You are beautiful!

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