the right colours - an addendum

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in relation to my what colours go with X eyes thread, one poster said that all the colours i suggested for her eye colour don't work for her.

i just want to mention that every shade out there comes with varying undertones - it is possible to get blue eyeshadow with red undertones [looks more purple], yellow undertones [looks more green] and grey undertones [different intensities of the blue].

if one undertone doesn't look right on you, try other ones.

sales staff at department store makeup counters will be able to help you pick the shade with the right undertones for your skin tone. if you know which undertone washes you out, makes you flushed, makes you look pale, let them know.

grey undertones can be worn by ALMOST anyone.

the simplest way to determine your skin tone is to look at the veins in your forearm - if they're blue, you're cool, if they're green, you're warm.

there are other formulae too. lalala posted a site with more info in a thread about skin tone that this board unfortunately ate. :( maybe we can persuade her to find it again? [or i could surf, after all, i am the one who's not working!]


the one caveat i offer is - try before you buy. this usually means more expensive makeup and i know that doesn't help many of our younger members. but i can honestly tell you from personal experience that buying less of the right makeup saves more money than buying more of the wrong makeup!
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