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Domim3Domim3 Registered Users, Curl Ambassador Posts: 3 Curl Neophyte
I'm thinking about locing my hair. Can anyone tell me their frustrations with locs. I don't want to hear only good because I think that can be misleading, unless locs are really just that good


  • boldilocksboldilocks Registered Users, Curl Ambassador Posts: 39 Curl Connoisseur
    Hi Domim3, we're talking dreadlocks, right? In that case, my best advice would be to get your partings done really well. In my experience, the partings done well lets the locs fall beautifully and proportionally. Secondly, my advice would be to decide how many locs you can maintain. The recommended average is 100. My son has 158. It's work to maintain that many, but the result is lovely. Less than 100, I hear, is less desirable, again, for the way they drape and fall. Frustrations would be the absolute need to shampoo with residue free. Tight locs can hold (and trap) not just moisture but moisturizers. I'd do my due diligent research on choosing hair products. My son dislikes his shampoo and it's a full SLS. But, when I trim a loc, the inner core is lovely. No residues trapped and very healthy and clean. Lastly, even locs require maintenance. If you don't have someone to do them for you, there will be a learning curve to maintaining them, and with hands over head to do it (and this is unavoidable, even with long locs) you will need patience. Oh, and be sure to get good tools to maintain loose hairs and tuck in new growth. You'll want tools that make the work as easy as possible, and in my opinion, they are worth the investment. Advantages of locs? If it's a look you like, you will like them. But they take work like every other hair style and require care and thought, when you wash, dry, maintain, even sleep in them. They can be really fun and unique, but they do not remove the time, energy and cost of maintaining natural hair. HTH:) 
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