How do I make a hair journal?

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I already know what I am supposed to add to the journal: General Information about my hair, Health, Products used, styling, maintenance, hairstyles and problems. I brought an empty journal, but I have no idea how I am supposed to write all this. I have no idea what to actually write in my journal.

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    Hi there curlies. 
    I am new to NC and have been trying to embrace my curls for the last 4 months. (I only discovered that I had them after more than 40 years of frizzy hair! I wish I had found your forum earlier.)  Well, the question about a journal may be one I can help with, as I have started to keep one during the past 5 weeks, after finding that the processes and product combinations are rather difficult to remember and more importantly after purchasing some of your US products (I live in the UK) the exercise became quite expensive. Maybe my spreadsheet helps. It is continuously evolving whenever I find another step that seems to change things in my hair and/or I find new products. 


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    I tried keeping a journal once and couldn't figure out how to helpfully record the information either! I eventually gave up. I hope others will chime in with some suggestions.

    One thing that would be helpful to add is the weather for each day: temperature, precipitation, dew point.
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    i never kept a hair journal, but there were days i wish i did.  

    first, it's YOUR journal, you can write whatever you want, words, not sentences, etc., whenever you want.

    i think the idea behind it is to write down what products you use on that wash day, what the temp was, and the DEW POINT.   and your routine, ie, air dry fully, partially, plopping, for how long, etc.

    sometimes when i am figuring out a learning curve with a product i wish i could remember clearly what i did on the days it worked well.  so i think this is the idea behind it.

    maybe group it according to products?  product type, i.e., conditioner, styler, etc.....

    hopefully people who do keep a journal will add info to this.

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    Maybe you can take some inspiration from the bullet journal community? Bullet journals are more like a planner/to-do list hybrid but I think a search for them on google or any social platform should provide you with plenty inspiration.

    Another option is a digital journal. The post I'm going to link is old and the app has changed but I use the Hair Journal app: 

    You may use the app a while, then transfer over to the journal once you've got the hang of it.


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    Everyone above has very good ideas!  I don't keep a hair journal but I've kept a migraine journal for 50+ years and it's sort of the same idea. Keep things simple at least to start with. Columns and lists are easier to read and look for things in than paragraphs. 
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    I don't know how to answer you, but thank you for posting this. We have been having a lot of volatility in the weather in my area, and I am now realizing that a hair journal will really help me. Although I had heard of it before, I don't think it would have occurred to me until I saw this post at the right time.
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    I think it's not a very easy task to do for this have to be full of knowledge about the hair 
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    Welcome, @Ckurlim! Congrats on embracing your curls! 

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    You are beautiful!
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    The hair journal spreadsheet is amazing!  I've been trying to track my hair products in my bullet journal in so many ways, but I'm also struggling to find the best way to go about it.  I tend to like to write things out, so I shy away from spreadsheets, but it's looking like that might be the best way to go if I'm really serious about tracking hair health.  Plus, I agree that lists/columns are easier to read than paragraphs.  It's also easier to find patterns that way.  Definitely going to look into the hair journal app, too.

    One thing I will mention is that I've started using a period tracker app and some of them give you the option to log your hair health for that day.  This could be an option for some.  You can also add additional notes/tags, so you could add the products you used, weather, etc., if you so choose.  I'm using multiple apps right now and am trying to figure out which one I like best, but some examples of these types of apps are Flo, Pink Pad, Eve and Clue.  Just my two cents! :smile:

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