What are some good at home treatments to help hair to start growing?

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My hair has been thinning and heavily shedding for over a year now. Its pretty noticeable to me at least. It used to be very thick. Ive changed my products to more natural ones and my curls look better than ever. I have type 3 curls, majority is 3b but there's some a and c mixed in. I bought some Coconut oil, Extra virgin olive oil, Avocado oil, Castor oil, Lavender oil, Rosemary oil, And Texas cedarwood oil. If anyone has any suggestions on how to mix these and other stuff to help growth it is greatly appreciated!! Thanks!


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    On YouTube Hif3licia has great videos on how to use a base oil and then essential oils to promote scalp growth! Here is a link to the first video ( there is a part 2)

    Hope thus helps 😊
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    Hi @KlynDena : Welcome to nc.com. I have also been struggling with this and recently came across some information that has really helped me.
    1) This article on the Sciency Hair Blog goes over several OTC options for treating thinning hair. I recently tried Option 2: Caffeine spray and it has considerably reduced my hair shedding to less than half what it was doing before, and started working immediately. I use black tea brewed normally and diluted to 1 teabag/quart distilled water to get approximately the caffeine dilution she recommends. The Sciency Hair Blog has some other articles about thinning hair and shedding you may find helpful. (She talks about essential oils in this article.)
    2) I've been reading a book called the Period Repair Manual where the author, a naturopathic doctor, discusses at length how hormonal imbalances can cause hair loss and what to do about it (she is actually discussing the hormonal imbalances with hair loss as a very common side effect). Consider if in the past year, you have had any stress, major illness, changes in your menstrual cycles, started/stopped the Pill, certain vitamin deficiencies, high inflammation diet (especially too much sugar), thyroid imbalance. Some of the diagnosis takes medical testing, so you might want to bring up the shedding with your doctor at your next annual physical. I would highly recommend the book in any case.
    3) Last year I took 1mg biotin/day (along with some other vitamins) for a non-hair related health issue, and as a pleasant side effect I got a lot of new hair growth. I have read that biotin should be taken in conjunction with vitamin b5 for healthy hair growth.
    4) The best thing for my hair in the past has been eating a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, especially dark leafy greens.
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