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itsyaboiajayitsyaboiajay Registered Users Posts: 23 Curl Novice
So I'm getting ready to order new products for my hair and the previous ones I used has done nothing to improve my hair. My hair is 3c/4a, Coarse, low porosity (the majority of it is but some parts of my hair isn't I just noticed) and the density is thick. I need products that are protein free and has moisture in it. My hair is protein sensitive so it definitely doesn't need any of that


  • baeby_dollbaeby_doll Registered Users, Curl Ambassador Posts: 15 Curl Novice
    Have you tried the Deva Curl Super Curly line? It's a bit pricey but after just one wash my hair was l i v i n. My wash-n-go lasted for 5 days without getting dry and only a touch up on day 3!!!
      If you want something a bit cheaper, then invest in Cantu's coconut deep conditioner. I'm also a 3c/4a and I apply it to wet hair, then I finger detangle in sections. I don't wash it out until the end of the week for maximum moisture, but instead I spritz n baggy method it the first and 3rd/4th night after application. Keeps my curls happy and my budget is saved!!! 
  • bomegabomega Registered Users Posts: 1,355 Curl Virtuoso
    Be careful of Deva Curl products. Most have protein in them, and pretty high on the list. In addition, the Cantu treatment has silk protein in it. Its pretty low on the list, and sometimes people who are protein sensitive can take and benefit from silk protein. But, you have to figure that out for yourself.
    Low-poo: Alaffia Coffee & Shea Revitalizing Shampoo for Fine/Thin Hair (summer), Alaffia Coconut & Shea Hydrating Shampoo
    Clarify: Kinky Curly Come Clean
    Rinse-out: Alaffia Coffee & Shea Revitalizing Conditioner for Fine/Thin Hair (summer), Alaffia Everyday Coconut Ultra Hydrating Conditioner
    DT: Camille Rose Naturals Algae Renew Deep Conditioner
    Leave-in: As I Am Leave-in
    Styler: Lily of the Desert 99% Aloe Vera Gelly
    Treatment: Daily tea spray; Coconut oil overnight treatment; Citric acid rinse for hard water; 2-step Henndigo w/ amla to cover gray

    2C, fine, low porosity, low/medium density, protein sensitive

    Looking for styling products and tools

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  • Hullacurls92Hullacurls92 Registered Users Posts: 28 Curl Connoisseur
    Have you tried shea moisture coconut and hibiscus line, the kinky curly line or the As I am hair product line?
  • itsyaboiajayitsyaboiajay Registered Users Posts: 23 Curl Novice
    I've tried out the shea moisture hibicus line and doesn't seem like it helped. But I never tried the As I am hair products. Do any of them contain protein cause my hair can't take that
  • Therese1Therese1 Registered Users Posts: 2,563 Curl Virtuoso
    I think most of the As I Am products are protein free; you'll want to check the label for each product. I used to use the As I Am leave-in, and that was protein free. I stopped using it because it was making my hair softer than I wanted (my hair is already very soft).

    My favorite leave-in is the Curl Junkie Beauticurls. Make sure you get the protein-free version--I think there is one with protein and one without.

    SheaMoisture has a low-porosity line that you could try.

    I have used Curl Junkie Curl Assurance Smoothing Daily Conditioner in the past, when my hair needed more elasticity. It is protein free and high in emollients (oils). I used it in the winter, when the air was very dry.

    I use Jessicurl Deep Conditioning Treatment maybe every other week in the really dry weather. It is protein free. It can also be used as a leave-in if your hair is very dry.
    Low poo: Intelligent Nutrients (IN) Harmonic; Oribe Cleansing Creme
    RO: IN Harmonic
    LI: CJ Beauticurls; Jessicurl (JC) Gelebration Spray
    DC: JC Deep Conditioning Treatment; Weleda Rosemary Conditioning Oil
    Stylers: JC Confident Coils; IN Volumizing Spray; IN Perfect Hold Hairspray; John Masters Sea Mist; Bumble Bb. Gel; Kenra Firm-Hold Gel; Sevi Blue Yarrow Sea Salt Spray
    Low-porosity 2a/b baby-fine hair
  • andreajones188andreajones188 Registered Users, Curl Ambassador Posts: 114 Curl Connoisseur
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