Hair Type + CG Transition Trouble

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Needing some help here.

My hair was kept in braids daily until I was 13, and then from the time I was 13 to around the time I was 16 or 17, I straightened it after every wash. From the ages of 17 to now, 20, I’ve only straightened it on occasion, maybe 10 ish times a year, and brushed every day up until recently. My hair has always had some natural curl, but I've never given it the chance to find it's true texture. I’m now wanting to embrace it, but I’m struggling. After being CG for 2 or 3 weeks, my hair a mix of textures, and I have no idea what to do. The majority of it seems to be 2b right now, but all of the newer growth at my crown (where any breakage is growing back), my baby hairs, my frizz, and a few random clumps of hair are 3a-3b. Will it all eventually go 3a/3b, or will it stay an odd mix?

A little info: my hair is a mix of medium and thick strands, dense, about 2 inches past my collar bone, and low porosity.  Not a lot of split ends. Currently, I’m using Not Your Mothers Naturals High Moisture Shampoo on my scalp, Not Your Mothers Naturals Curl Defining Conditioner, Curls Blueberry Bliss Leave-In, grapeseed oil, and Ecos Argan Oil Styling Gel, wash and style every other day. I usually plop for an hour and then air dry, or plop over night. Diffusing makes my hair a frizzy nightmare. 

If you have any product recommendations that you think would be a better fit for my hair type (and are suitable for a college budget), I will gladly take suggestions. Up until the end of November, I had used nothing other than Suave’s non-CG shampoo and conditioner plus silicon-heavy relaxing serums on my hair, so I have pretty much no idea what I’m doing!

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    Do you deep condition weekly? If you don’t you must start 😊 Also it will take a while for your hair to find it’s true texture so be patient. But I have heard a lot of curly girls say that finger coiling can help the hair return to its natural curl pattern and train it! I am 3c/4a so I don’t know too many products but if you look under your hair type on naturally curly they will have tons of helpful articles on your hair type 😊 Merry Christmas!!

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