Can you permanently change your hair?


Can you mess up your hair so badly that it never gets back to how it was as a kid? Although logic would tell me, "No," I still wonder...

I once went to a salon as a kid of 9 or 10 years old and the stylist told me I didn't have the "kind of hair" for the style I wanted (OK, it was a jheri curl...). Anyway, my hair was more like my dad's then - 3b/3a. Now it's a 4a I believe.

There is always the possibility that your hair just changes as you age. But I'm curious.


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    hi :)
    it's really common for your curl pattern to change as you get older....i think i read somewhere that it can change every 7 years or so. as long as your 4a hair is healthy, i wouldn't worry about it. just love it for the beautiful hair that it is :)

    here's a link to an article about asimilar question on the site.
    4a/b with a patch of 3c
    OS - fine strands, wiry texture
    big and thick beautiful hair :)
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