Natural alternative to TRESemmé Expert Selection Botanique Nourish and Replenish Conditioner

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The previous "version" of this conditioner (Tresemme naturals avocado oil) was my HG, my hair just adored it. This one is not quite as good but still the best I've found. While the ingredients aren't terrible I really would like to get away from all the preservatives etc. I much prefer to use products that are as natural as possible. Does anyone know of a product with similar ingredients? It's very heavy on fatty alcohols with a tiny amount of actual oil.. every natural product I've tried leaves me greasy or full of build up since they seem to all be aimed at folks with much more thickness and coarseness than I have. My hair is extremely fine and delicate. In general butters are a no no (massive build up), and I'm reactive to argan and coconut oil (which tells me there is hardly any in this because it doesn't bother me). Thanks in advance.
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    Tresemme broke my heart over 20 years ago and left me wandering the wilderness when they changed their conditioner formula leaving out the silk protein it used to have. I guess its just as well, because now I can't use silk protein, but still.

    You could try Sweet Curls Elixir on Etsy. SCE used to be a member here at and started making customized flax seed gel, and since then has branched out with some shampoos, conditioners, deep treatments. She can customize your product for you.

    ETA: The base she used was similar to the Tresemme with those fatty alcohols (it is also similar to Suave Conditioner.)
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    That was also my holy grail and I'm still using it because I hoarded it when I found out it was being discontinued. . Anyway, the Tresemme Undone Conditioner works pretty well for me. I'm also using Not Your Mother's Naturals Tahitian Gardenia Flower and Mango Butter Conditioner and my hair seems to like it.
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    I've used a few conditioners that I found to be equal in detangling and moisture. They are Mixtina Conditioner (VERY similar, smells great), Yes to Carrots Conditioner, and Soapbox Soaps Conditioner. This one is a little thinner, but Renpure Originals can also be a stand in. 


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